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Jade Roller for Headaches, Facial Tension

Price: 19.00 USD
Approximately 3x5 inches, this hand-held Jade Roller, is used by Chinese to "roll" away headaches and tension in the temple area. Many older Chinese women use it to "smooth" the face and neck. Jade is know for its coldness and ancient Chinese Medicine used Jade by applying it to sore and damaged areas of the body to relieve pain. Even today, Chinese Medicine believes in the healing qualities of Jade. Shipping is free.

Hand-Embroidered Silk Kimono

Price: 95.00 USD
Old but in wonderful condition. Satin/Silk, fully lined in black cotton, and generously embroidered in Chinese characters, emblems and flowery elegance. Size says medium and, having tried it on, I believe it should fit almost anyone from size 2-14. This is a "show piece." Some people with hand-embroidered Kimonos like this one, actually have them framed or encased in a glass cabinet and display them as works of Art. Shipping is free.

Rhinestone/Crystal Cuff Links

Price: 21.00 USD
In perfect condition, these 1/2 square crystals sparkle like Emerald-Cut Diamonds! Whether worn with a French cuff shirt for a formal evening OR to accent a woman's French-cut blouse at the office....These Crystal Nuggets are for anyone Dressed to Impress! Shipping is free.

Simple-Summer-Time Pleasure

Price: 10.00 USD
Absolute-Must-Have for Sheer Summer Elegance. Chunks and Pieces of Sea Shells accented with Slivers of Shells. I like the "native" look....the look you'd wear on a deserted island... when you're not alone..... Free Shipping.

Good Luck! Carved Jade Disk

Price: 12.00 USD
Green Jade Disk, highly polished, and carved with the traditional Chinese design for Good Luck and Happiness. Chinese always add a tiny hole to both the bottom and top of their carved disks so they can be hung around the neck from a red silk cord. The carver usually hang a little red tassel from the disk's bottom hole. This particular disk was fitted with a gold clasp at the top so a cord or chain could be threaded through it in a more permanent fashion. A gold-filled chain will be provided with the disk. This beauty measures 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Free Shipping.