Here, you will find more items for the lamps, pictures, statues, plant stands, wall sconces, pillows...items that carry a higher shipping cost due to their size or weight. Most of these treasures, except for the smallest and lighter-weight items are marked at Pick-Up Prices.  If you like a larger item and want to purchase it but can't pick-it-up....then email at sallymillerthebeautyqueen@ and I'll check on the lowest shipping cost. me if you wish to negotiate a price.  I try to be flexible at all times!




World's Favorite Hymn, "AMAZING GRACE", framed

Price: 65.00 USD
Actually Page from an old Hymn Book of The World's Most Recognized Hymn, AMAZING GRACE. Decorated with hand-cut flowers behind clear glass, the framed Hymn can either be hung on the wall or set upright on a table. The item measures 7.1/2 inches by 8.1/2 inches. The price of 65 dollars includes shipping.

HYMN "IN THE GARDEN"-- Picture-Framed

Price: 55.00 USD
Tastefully framed page from an old hymn book, using glare-proof glass, and ready to hang on your favorite wall. The over-all measurements are: 9.1/2 inches by 11.1/12 inches. A simple varnished wood frame, no frills, holds this classic hymn known to so many as IN THE GARDEN. The price of 55.00 dollars includes shipping.

Antique Pictures, set of two

Price: 18.00 USD
These VERY old prints of two very-elegantly dressed women in their original wooden frames that were-long ago professionally painted with touches of gold and silver...... hung in my Grandmother's small apartment for as long as I remember. They are at least eighty years old and I only know that a former neighbor gave them to her as a gift. Each frame measures 5 inches by 6 inches. They've aged beautifully. Shipping is included. If you wish them to be "pick-ups"....then send me an email and you can pay with cash or check and the price will be 115 dollars.

Rare Rock from Northern Chin

Price: 110.00 USD
I am the ONLY AMERICAN who has traveled the remote countryside of North China, on foot, from West to East. This is one of only three rocks I added to my backpack during my seven month journey in 1990. It is amazingly striking because of the turquoise/green colors dotted everywhere. I found this stone near a very large mountain covered in jagged cliffs of this same color. In my writings, I refer to the mountain as turquoise mountain but I've since learned that the mountain is probably one of the largest sources of old Jade. This rock is most valuable since only a handful of Chinese are allowed for even short visits to provinces in North China but....never for exploration. I have a small, carved wooden, display stand, also from China, that I will send with the stone. Shipping is included.

Gold-Leaf-Angel Candlestick

Price: 25.00 USD
CLASSIC Angel Candlestick. Beautiful from all angles and permanently mounted on black wood stand. The Candlestick measures 13 1/2 inches tall and approximately 4 1/2 inches wide. This piece is heavy, probably 4 or 5 lbs. so shipping would probably cost an additional 15-20 dollars. If you're interested and want me to check shipping costs, email me. Otherwise, the Angel is priced as a PICK UP ITEM.


Price: 22.00 USD
This charming Plant Stand, designed with a look of Bamboo, has aged well. It could be spray-painted to look new and glossy OR allowed to keep looking antique and wonderful. Lightweight, easy to manage, and takes up very little space. The Stand is 22 1/2 inches tall and the top measures 7 1/2 inches in diameter. THIS IS A PICK-UP PIECE.

Hand-painted flower bouquet.

Price: 18.00 USD
About 25 years ago, after-work and on weekends, I was decorating furniture and multiple items with hand-painted designs. Rather than take tranquilizers for stress and anxiety, I became both mentally and physically creative. At a young age I learned to knit, then I began using my hands to needlepoint, bead, design/make clothes, and continued being creative by restoring furniture, lamp shades, even making hats. My creative painting included headboards, side tables, children's stools, pictures... and this once-white Plaster of Paris mold. I loved painting this plaster design and proudly hung it over a single bed. In my opinion, it's a perfect example of happiness. Pale shades of peach, pink, mingled with a hint of watered-down blue and faded turquoise.. easily coordinates with other soft colors. I highlighted it with 14 karat gold. The piece measures slightly more than 8 inches tall and almost 9 1/2 inches in width. This is priced for PICK UP. It probably weighs 2 lbs. If you are interested in paying to have it shipped me. I am flexible!

Wrought Iron Plant Stand

Price: 6.00 USD
Pretty but fragile. This light-weight stand is delicate in design and would be perfect in the house or outside. It looks great holding a large basket of petunias or other flowering plants but can't support anything too heavy. I actually purchased it to hold a woven basket full of silk flowers and scarves and it served me well.