THE LAST ONE of 2 Sterling and Pearl necklaces.

Price: 35.00 USD
The price is 35.00 for this last necklace. I had two and now...there's only one. It was designed and made in Beijing, China's Famous Pearl Market. The pearls are real and the silver was handcrafted in a mesh design. Workmanship is beyond perfect. Shipping is free with purchase.

A lusciously-vintage, pink-glass bead necklace, ne

Price: 23.00 USD
Hidden away for years in a silk pouch, this beautifully-perfect necklace is cut from pink glass and, on close inspection, shows slight-shading of pink. Each bead is hand-knotted which adds to the necklace's value. The beads are perfect in shape and are from China, naturally. Shipping is free.