Real Pearl-Cluster Necklace

Price: 29.00 USD
First of their kind! Real Pearls, oblong in shape and called "cluster" pearls, were dyed unusual colors for an Easter-Pearl- Promotion hosted by Marshall Field's Chicago Store (1997). The Pearl Market Vendor saved this necklace for me as a gift.(I taught her conversational English in return for free or discounted pearls). I don't know what was used to change the pearls' color but....the necklace is beautiful and unique and.. has never been worn. Shipping is free.

Bracelet of Rhinestone Links

Price: 25.00 USD
Classic bracelet....all stones present and accounted for...and even the catch is a rhinestone link and well-hidden. This bracelet is amazing because it has defied age. Its as eye-catching today as it was in the forties or fifties. Rhinestones from this era are the most authentic and...most rare. Wear it and no one will believe it isn't a wrist-full of diamonds! Shipping included.

Rhinestone Pin, Best Quality Ever.

Price: 24.00 USD
Petals of the finest quality Rhinestones, all securely intact, in this small but elegant pin. It's the perfect addition to a suit color or simple black dress. It looks like the "real thing".... diamonds..... and the mounting is classic. Shipping is included.

Gold Dome Ring dotted with turquoise

Price: 45.00 USD
Made in China for a major NYC Department Store, to sell for hundreds of dollars. Its never been worn and is in perfect condition. Its marked 14 k inside the ring. It would be a stunning gift for any woman, young or old. If it's been a good day...or week...or year....TREAT YOURSELF. It's been marked down to a give-away price and includes free shipping.


Price: 136.00 USD
This World War II Ring is marked Sterling inside but I've never cleaned it. Because of its rarity, I would only allow it to be cleaned by a professional jewelry. It is red and white enamel and features a blue star. Its significance is unknown to many a very young child, I knew that the blue star surrounded by red and white.... meant the ring's wearer had a loved one serving in active duty. The ring is small but....because of its value...few would wear it for fear of losing it. It is valuable...not only for the silver and enamel BUT because there are very few rings like this in existence! Shipping is free.

St. Chrisopher Disk

Price: 35.00 USD
Since I'm not Catholic, I'm not certain as to the age or value of this medallion. An elderly Chinese woman handed it to me when I was riding an old Bus... far from Beijing. I didn't speak Chinese and she didn't speak English but she insisted I take it as a gift. It has deep meaning to me and I wish it to have deep meaning to its next owner. I'm not sure of the metal content but the medallion is solid. I would guess it to be old brass or bronze. It measures 1 and 1/2 inches tall and 1 inch wide. Shipping is free.

ZEBRA PIN, hand-designed

Price: 38.00 USD
This finely-detailed and exquisite Zebra is probably silver although I don't see any markings. I know the pin takes kindly to silver polish... like all-things-silver. This pin will possibly attract those who attended or graduated from Pine Bluff High School because THE ZEBRA is/was the school's MASCOT. But I'm confident that anyone who appreciates classic and timeless jewelry will love it. It measures 3 inches tall and 3 inches long. Shipping is free.

Tibetan Silver Necklace, very old

Price: 49.00 USD
I purchased this from a group of Tibetan Monks who were selling items near an abandoned rail station in Southwest China. The clasp is missing but one of the Monks showed me how he had improvised by using a silk cord. I wore it several times and tying it in a bow behind my neck worked beautifully. Actually, it allowed me the luxury of adjusting the necklace to whatever length I wished. This necklace is the artistic work of a master craftsman. Note the intricate little silver balls that dangle from loops of silver. On the necklace's "backside"...tiny silver bars act as connectors to form the framework of the neck piece's overall design. Shipping is free.

Elegant Watch... Bathed in Crystals

Price: 165.00 USD
This beautiful time piece has never been fact, the watch still wears clear, protective "sleeves" over both sides of its band. There is also a protective sheet covering the backside of the watch, the part that covers the watch's inner workings. I removed the protective covering from the watch's face so it would be more "photogenic." Yesterday, I opened the box containing this watch....for the second time since receiving it as a gift from the staff of Beijing Coca Cola. The watch has been stored away, sheltered from curious hands, inquisitive eyes, and negative elements.... for almost 17 years. I'm selling it at a bargain price, far below what many estate sale experts say it is worth. Why? Because I have no idea about batteries or the inner-workings of watches---or exactly what makes them tick! I'm offering this gorgeous piece of art for 165.00. Shipping is free.