INVITE ME TO SPEAK… at your next Convention, Conference, Meeting, or Gathering.

My life has been a one-of-a-kind adventure.  It took a while but, somewhere along my journey, I learned to appreciate myself.  I welcome the opportunity to share my story with others; to unlock the cell-door for those imprisoned with secrets of sexual abuse, control, or abandonment. I encourage people to be survivors not victims; to save their lives by conquering their pasts.

As a Public Figure I’ve spent a lifetime---- singing, speaking, teaching, and entertaining groups of all sizes. From the age of sixteen until leaving for college, I hosted a live,Saturday Night television show, hosted by Coca Cola.  As Miss Arkansas 1958, I spoke to audiences, large and small. Later, after marrying, I directed and hosted a Morning Show with KATV, an ABC Affiliate. And, during the early eighties, I had my own radio talk show in Arkansas.

As an employee of Dudley, Anderson, Yutsy, the oldest Public Relations Firm in New York City, I served as a Spokesperson for the National Confectioners Association.  Nothing was sweeter than sharing the delicious “facts”  about Candy, especially Chocolate, to national audiences.

While training in Houston, Texas, for the first-ever journey of China's Great Wall, Shell Oil Company hired me as their loaned-executive to the United Way.  My role: to serve as their professional spokesperson and-- through motivational speeches-- encourage ever-increasing donations from corporate executives within the Greater Houston area to the United Way. During the two years I served as Shell’s spokesperson, the Greater Houston United Way broke every record for corporate giving.

In the turbulent "early nineties",  when I was being chased by Hillary Clinton's Henchmen AND the national media, I hosted my own controversial radio talk-show in St. Louis, MO. Four years later, I returned to China as it's first communications specialist to teach at China's Broadcast Institute. At the same time, I developed/activated China's First International Radio Program, designed specifically for China's large blind population. 

After becoming the first woman to travel the length of The Great Wall of China, I shared my China adventure with numerous groups-both large and small- including the National Engineers Association. 

Contact me. I know your group or organization will enjoy hearing my story, viewing my photos, and learning my survival techniques. I am affordable and my story is one-of-a-kind.

 Let me bring some of my books to autograph and.... who knows?   I’ll probably surprise you with a song or two as my grand finale!

Sally Miller