INVITE ME TO SPEAK… at your next Convention, Conference, Meeting, or Gathering.

Once you’ve read my book, you’ll understand my life has been a one-of-a-kind adventure.  It took a while but, somewhere along my journey, I learned to appreciate myself.  My book is finished and I welcome the opportunity to share my story with others; to unlock the cell-door for those imprisoned with secrets of abuse, control, or abandonment. I encourage people to be survivors not victims; to save their lives by conquering their pasts.

As a Public Figure I’ve spent a lifetime---- singing, speaking, teaching, and entertaining groups of all sizes. From the age of sixteen until leaving for college, I hosted a live,Saturday Night television show, hosted by Coca Cola.  As Miss Arkansas 1958, I spoke to audiences, large and small. Later, after marrying, I directed and hosted a Morning Show with KATV, an ABC Affiliate. And, during the early eighties, I had my own radio talk show in Arkansas.

As an employee of Dudley, Anderson, Yutsy, the oldest Public Relations Firm in New York City, I served as a Spokesperson for the National Confectioners Association.  Nothing was sweeter than sharing the delicious “facts”  about eating Candy, especially Chocolate, in front of national audiences.

Before traveling the length of The Great Wall of China, Shell Oil Company hired me as their loaned-executive to the United Way.  My role: to serve as a professional spokesperson and, through motivational speeches, encourage large donations from executives of major corporations within the Greater Houston area. During the two years I served as Shell’s spokesperson, the Greater Houston United Way broke every record for corporate giving.

In the turbulent "early nineties",  when I was being chased by Hillary's Henchmen AND the Press, I hosted my own controversial radio talk-show in  St. Louis, MO. Later, while  living in China, I taught Broadcasting to a select group of students at China's Beijing Broadcasting Institute. At the same time, I created and activated China's First Radio Program designed specifically for China's Blind Population. 

After completing my journey of China’s Great Wall, I shared my China adventure with numerous groups, including the National Engineers Association. 

Contact me. I know your group or organization will enjoy hearing my story and YES.. I am affordable.  Let me bring some books to autograph and who knows?   I’ll probably surprise you with a song or two as my grand finale!

Sally Miller