“If you’re lonely or seek attention---Get a Dog.” 

Checking our bags at the Little Rock Airport Terminal after a brief visit in Pine Bluff, my youngest daughter and I were impressed with all the attention Miss Starr was receiving inside the terminal.  No doubt, “Missy”--- as we so often called her--- enjoyed the affectionate hugs, pats, and comments from strangers of all ages.   Tall, stately, and a natural blonde, our standard poodle--Missy--liked to displayed her Pedigree and Show Dog manners. Wearing herTraditional Poodle Cut, Missy charmed everyone with her elegance.

Also checking in at the crowded ticket desk, a group of young men---surrounded by guitar cases, sound equipment, and other performance paraphernalia--- began paying attention to Missy, petting her and commenting on her classic good looks.  One man in the group was particularly friendly and soon struck up a conversation. He was tall, nice-looking, and his name was Ken Cross.  I couldn’t help but notice his ear lobes, not only pierced but also tattooed with half-moon designs (Don’t forget, this was the early eighties and tattoos were rare.) It wasn’t long before my daughter and I met each of Ken’s friends, learning they had performed in Little Rock the night before and were now returning home. Sorry to hear we had missed their show, they asked for our address, saying they wanted to send us tickets for future performances.

On the flight to Philadelphia, my daughter and I were sitting in coach until Ken came to get us, insisting we join his group up front. Since the group had purchased every seat in First Class, there were quite a few extra seats.  Before leaving us in Philadelphia, our new friends insisted on sharing lots of hugs and kisses for all concerned...including Miss Starr.

For several years after that unexpected airport encounter, I received tickets to concerts, invitations to dinner, even Christmas Cards from our new friends....The Doobie Brothers

(Yes, Miss Starr's name was included in every greeting and invitation.)



 The God I love, Honor, and Obey, isn’t conveniently waiting nearby to drive us where we want to go....or stop to pick us up when we’re standing in the street, impatiently waving and whistling, trying to flag him down. 

 Recently, God’s name has been less-glorified and more-vilified. It hasn’t always been that way. America’s founders felt so strongly about God,  they put his name on our currency “In God we trust.”  I well-remember when Americans’ lives revolved around God; God was the center of our universe.  

There’s been a major take-over in America.  It began when Americans decided to trust people--- rather than God. Soon, the Government-- now our enemy--started robbing us of our freedom,  captured our country, and now hold us hostage. Our once-safe world has been turned upside down. God has been kicked to the curb, slapped in the face, and stripped of all Honor and Power.

We, the American People, are to blame.  Yes, without outrage, we watch POLITICIANS pick-ax the Ten Commandments from Government Buildings.  Like complacent sheep, we view religious crosses being stripped from places of worship. Worst of all, WE don’t lift our voices when Congress silences Prayer in our schools.

WHY do we allow the UNGODLY to stomp and burn our American Flag, dishonor our National Anthem, disrespect our country’s Pledge of Allegiance, and flip their middle finger at American Values?!?!? What has happend to our AMERICAN SPIRIT?!?!?  Where is our willingness to STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR AMERICA?!?!?

On second thought, maybe that is God driving that Yellow Cab--- the one that just drove past me without stopping.  God deserves better; he’s had enough of non-paying customers, those who curse, threaten, and disrespect him, and those who don’t appreciate him when he goes “the extra mile.”  

I'm sure God is tired of the many passengers who never tip or even utter a simple “Thank You” when he stops the meter to hear their whining and cries for help.  My God doesn’t like one-way streets; he believes traffic should flow both ways. And, he’s wise to those who only “flag him down” when they are desperate for a free ride. 

I wouldn’t blame God for driving around with his doors locked. He’s sick of watching ungrateful Americans purposely follow Evil.  But, regardless of such bad treatment,  God continues to be all-knowing, all-powerful; God is still in the Driver’s Seat. Unlike us, God refuses to be a helpless passenger who passively watches this once-wonderful world destroy itself.

By the way, in case you don’t know My God…… he has a perfect driving record.

Sally Miller