Oct. 18, 2017

(This chapter is from my book, The Beauty Queen--Let No Deed Go Unpublished.)

I lasted five years with Arkansas Educational Television. In the beginning, my starting salary was nine thousand dollars a year and, five years later, when AETN and I parted company, my yearly salary was ten thousand, five hundred dollars.... not much money for me and two children.

My boss, Lee Reaves, was the Executive Director of Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN).  Once Secretary of the Arkansas Senate, Lee Reaves was appointed as the Network's Director by Arkansas's Democratic Governor, Orval Faubus. 

The unqualified Director liked to brag that he knew nothing about television… except how to turn his TV set, on and off.   Middle-aged, balding, and carrying an abundance of loose, flabby fat, the Politician-Turned- Director was a typical looking/acting---Good-Old-Boy-Democrat.   When he smiled his squinty eyes squeezed closed and he resembled some slimy night-crawler from the swamp.  

I endured the ignoramus-from-hell because I needed a paycheck.   For five years, AETN’s highest official called me to his office on an average of twice a week and--- when the door closed--- groped me--- grunting like a pig.    He forced his hand up my skirt at the same time he tried to kiss me with his sticky wet, slobbery lips,  His snake-like tongue would jab at my face, demanding to get through my clenched teeth.   Each wrestling session lasted only as long as it took me to unpin myself from his heavy-weighty body, grab the doorknob, and break-free. 

Each time I left his office, I vowed it wouldn’t happen again.  Gradually, he put more and more pressure on me to come to his office, sometimes being so brazen as to come to the studio and interrupt taping sessions with important guests.  Eventually, I got wise to his nasty game.

I watched young secretaries go to his office and come out with their hair messy, their sweaters half-open, almost unbuttoned.  One afternoon, walking down the hall to the bathroom, I saw the art teacher run from his office, lipstick smeared over her face....her artist smock turned backwards!

One by one, I visited with these women.  I begged them to join me in a formal complaint against the Director’s relentless sexual harassment.  Victim after female victim said no....they desperately needed their jobs. They couldn't speak-out for fear of being fired and they warned me not to include their names in any complaint.  If so, they would deny, deny,deny.

The day came when the Director walked in the TV studio where I was discussing an upcoming pledge drive with a group of volunteers. Smacking those slimy lips together as he often did when up to no-good, the Director said he needed to talk with me in his office. I tried everyway possible to stall, but, using his most authoritative voice, he demanded I come with him immediately....and I did.

As soon as his hands began grabbing my breasts and I heard:  “You’re so cute and sexy, I just have to kiss you and touch you all over.”…. I screamed.  I slapped his fat, saggy jowls and pushed his nasty-spongy body away from me with such force--- the bastard lost his balance, fell backwards across his desk, and I kept screaming.  I ran out of his office, screaming, and found everyone in the hall, staring at the Director’s door, wondering why a woman was screaming.  The Director’s door opened behind me and everyone heard the Director yell: “You’re fired, you ungrateful bitch; you’ll never work in television again!”

Five minutes later, leaving the building with my belongings, I heard the Station Director limping and grunting behind me, trying to catch up. “If you leave right now, I’ll call the Board and tell them you quit!”  Thats when I stopped, turned, looked my abuser straight in the eye and shouted my everyone could hear me: “People in this building heard you fire me.... they are my witnesses.  Don’t worry about reporting ME to the Board. I’m on my way to the governor’s office, right now,  to report YOU for sexually abusing me and every woman in this state office!"

Although I had carefully document each detail about the ongoing sexual abuse, this was the seventies when women were seen.... but never the courtrooms. Without legal support, I had no choice but find another job.

But....I'll always remember how strong I felt that day....The day I experienced "My Harper-Valley-PTA" moment. 

Sally Miller


Oct. 17, 2017

If I were a man, I wouldn't waste my time on one-night-stands. There's no comparison between making-love and having-sex.

A quality man knows how to please a woman and doesn't need nightly conquests with a variety of women to make him feel important... like a stud. And, trust me, a woman of quality doesn't want a one-nighter...even with a man who's good-looking, a charmer, a great dresser, or even....a great dancer. 

A real woman wants a man with elegance, class, and a fun side..... someone who knows how to romance a woman all-through-the day as well as after-dark.  Believe me, there comes a time in every woman's life when she looks back and smiles-- remembering the one man who knew how to love her in all the right ways; in all the right places.

Sometimes, making-love creates an inseparable bond between strangers; many times, two people  commit to loving ONLY each other-- for a lifetime. And, there are times and thousands of reasons why, sometimes....  love-making ends before it begins. 

But, when two people make-love together-- in harmony with each other-- and both finish on a "high note"..... that's the start of something big. It's a memorable moment that can never be forgotten.  

If I were a man, each time I made-love with a woman, it would be like the first time. I would make-love to a woman's  heart before I made-love to her body.  I would love a woman like she'd never been loved before.....and, only then, would I feel like a real man. 

This is THE END.... for now.  I'll be writing/sharing more about this subject because, in my opinion, it's interesting, stimulating,  and appeals to both men and women.

Yes, I often "remember when"

Stay Close,



Oct. 16, 2017

If I WERE A MAN, whether a classic gentleman with Cary Grant....or just a regular guy who knew the value of time, well-spent.... I'd know how to make-love to a woman.

Too many men have never achieved the ultimate in love-making; never experienced a totally-satisfied woman. 

Men like to think they know what a woman really wants, that women are consumed with everything"BIG"---including big cars, big-man-on-campus-macho...big muscles...big egos.. big money.....and, not to mention... a big weapon.

I've known and loved men all my life. I'd know how to please a woman if I were wearing men's pants.

First of all, outer appearance is important. Of course, very few man look like Cary Grant but,  he didn't "wake up" gorgeous and confident and a pleaser of women. He developed his style, his look, over the years.  He aged well because he knew how to maintain his looks.  It isn't about money but about time and intent. It doesn't take an advanced degree to learn how to be lean, clean, classy, and nicely-dressed.

Just like men--- women want a partner with good hygiene; a man who takes care of himself, his teeth, his  fingernails, and yes....his toenails, too. Women want what men want when it comes to a well-maintained body.

It helps too, if a man speaks well...knows how to talk rather than mumble....and doesn't begin each sentence with "well"...."you know"...."damn" ....or worse.

Both men and women have "ticks" or habits that drive others crazy a check list. Ask yourself "Am I a man who-----picks his nose, picks his teeth, picks his ears,....picks, rubs, or pulls at body parts...or.....(heaven forbid) passes gas in public, or tells nasty jokes?!?!"

Every woman I know will agree when I say:  Everything about love-making begins with a Kiss. And, in my opinion, it can be the beginning or the end to all love-making.  If a man doesn't kiss well....nothing that follows, matters.

Attention, Men! A kiss doesn't start with your tongue. Kissing starts with your lips....sensitive lips that  encourage a woman's lips to be sensitive and-- ready---for a playful tongue. But, Kissing can't be hurried...and a well-tuned man knows all about timing. Kissing is the "art of the deal"; the introduction to all the excitement ahead.

Never be in a hurry. Too-many-men are too-quick to start the party, too soon. "Priming the Pump" takes time, and attention-to-detail,  and smart men know exactly what I mean. With every breath and every move--think "Romance" .

Okay, it's almost time to get to the "heart" of my blog. I've divided my blog into two segments.  One is appearing today and the other will be featured tomorrow.  I know about this subject and have too-much to share for a "one-day-only" post. 


In My Opinion....the best is yet to come. We'll continue tomorrow!

Stay Close,


Oct. 15, 2017


For me....this morning was like every morning... which means Cubby Dog and I visited Reservoir Park to fast-walk, climb, and do everything necessary to exercise our bodies. I like to initiate our exercise-early, when there's no one around but the birds and the squirrels. I got my wish this morning; Big Dog and I had the Park to ourselves and....I tried something new--singing outloud--- while exercising. 

The air was moist from an early-morning shower and, knowing its easier to breath during or after a rain....I broke into song. Cubby's accustomed to hearing me sing so he didn't give me a second-look and----not seeing any squirrels run for cover---- I continued to celebrate life outside,  with one song after another.

I read something--a few weeks ago-- about older people living longer when they sing every day. I know it has something to do with breathing. Most of us seldom breathe deep enough....our breaths aren't really-big breaths that expand our lungs. But, singing requires deep and controlled breathing.  Otherwise, the singer will gasp between words or in the middle of phrases, and that's completely un-acceptable!

Public speakers and singers must  both have good breathing habits and excellent breath control.  When an event's sound system has a breakdown, the main speaker or featured singer must know how to project their voices so the audience can hear them. It's all a matter of breath control and that's what separates the Amateurs from the Professionals.

Whether you plan to be a singer or not, strive to be the best you can be, regardless of your age or profession. For now, let's aim at improving our breathing, working our lungs, and....if we suddenly develop an audience...then we can start worrying about finding an agent.

Okay, if you can't go for a walk to exercise your body and your lungs, try singing outloud in the privacy of your home. Stand up,  turn off the TV, the computer, even your cell phone and.....START SINGING!


PS...Sometimes Cubby and I go for long car rides together and....I sing. It's another place to work the lungs and practice breath-control. 

Keep Singing, Shining your Silver,  and.... Stay Close!


Oct. 14, 2017

For women, and some men too, just a quick look in the mirror can cause feelings of insecurity. Not because of age itself but because age... combined with gravity....brings out "the worst" in us, especially our faces.

I have several acne scars from past years that,  now that I'm all-grown-up, have ganged-up with some mean-old wrinkles to spotlight my face  When you can't afford a fork-lift then you don't have enough money for a face lift.  I believe in research; in reading books, articles, personal testimonies to help with answers and..I uncovered something quite interesting.

Remember, I am not a medical expert. I only know I'm allergic to most medicines and trust very few Doctors. I'm extremely careful about what I put in my body or on my skin so..with that's what works for me.

Since using this product, I've seen:  my acne scars almost disappear; the frown wrinkle between my eyes fade almost complete away;  the tiny lines above my top lip smooth-out, like they've been "ironed", and....the indentations at both corners of my mouth----the ones that head downward to your lower face--- are incredibly softer and seem to blend into my cheeks.

Here's what I use:  The product is for scars and it comes in a small tube. I buy the cheapest  one on the market, sold with the Walgreen Label and it cost under ten dollars.  It's called Scar Gel. You can find similar scar gel products sold under different labels and all priced differently.  I'm sure they, basically, have te same ingredients  and all are intended to diminish the appearance of old and new scars.   

WHY am I sharing this information? Because those of us who are still alive--alert---and still care about looking and feeling our best....should take care of each other. If smoothing my face even a little bit, improves my over-all outlook for today.....then I want to pick up my megaphone and "shout out" my discovery to friends,  far and near.

I will always believe that how we feel about ourselves on the inside.....depends on how we feel about ourselves on the outside. Most of us take pride in looking our best.  Our good"look" inspires us to stand taller and walk straighter and....helps us  keep- going, day after day.

"Just a dab will do you" and....what do you have to lose-other than a scar or wrinkle or both?!?!

Sally Miller's Silver Polishe tip for today.