Oct. 6, 2017


Never leave home without your ID, cab fare, your lipstick, and your razor.

I know....you shaved your under-arms, your legs and other intimate areas earlier, in the shower. But your carry-razor insures you will never be caught with chin whiskers or hair-stubble growing anywhere on your face, at any time.

 I shave my face every day…..a habit I started more than forty years ago. I learned this medically-approved secret from an Atlanta Dermatologist (Dr. Brody) who loved men but put women on pedestals.  The simple procedure removes dead skin as well as facial hair, resulting in a perfectly-smooth surface. As the doctor said: “It’s like mowing your yard. Each stroke of the razor evens the skin’s surface while ridding it of “dead leaves, weeds, and unwanted trash.”   

 Forget the old-wives-tale about facial shaving causing women to grow a beard or a mustache. Hormones, not razors, grow hair. Shaving actually discourages….not encourages….facial hair regrowth. And, don’t panic.  It’s a fact that shaving doesn’t trigger hair to grow back thicker and quicker!

Check out “Women Who Shave their Faces” on the Internet and you’ll discover that most Models and Actresses have been shaving their faces and necks---for years. Being photographed, up-close, magnifies imperfections, including stray hairs and “peach fuzz”.

Waxing hurts, it’s messy, and can be expensive.  Chemicals that “melt” hair away can cause burning, allergies, and leave your face sore and red. Those products can’t replace a simple razor that can also travel, anywhere, anytime.

I buy packages of inexpensive, disposable razors for sensitive skin.  Each morning, I lather my face with soap (I use Dove) and.....shave my forehead, cheeks, around my mouth and chin, and finish with my neck. I believe in the “feel” test….just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  I’m finished when every place I touch is smooth as glass.

I would never apply makeup to an unshaved face. Just like an artist begins each painting with a new brush and a fresh canvas….I wouldn’t waste my time putting makeup on a less-than-smooth surface and….who wants unwanted hairs “popping” up to ruin your makeup masterpiece?!?! 

My advice to every woman of every age--based on years of experience--: DON'T HESITATE TO SHAVE THAT NASTY FACIAL HAIR and PEACH FUZZ AWAY---- STARTING TODAY.

Polish your silver! You’ll feel prettier, more romantic--- and, probably, kiss better. You’ll stop stressing over bristle-brush chin hair or peachy-fuzzy cheeks. And, best of all, you won’t be afraid for someone to touch your face.

Now...“It’s Showtime!  Focus those spotlights and cameras directly on me-- Mr. DeMille.  I’m ready for my close-up.”