Apr. 9, 2019


For decades Mao Zedong had absolute power over the Chinese people; he dominated their minds and their lives. Even today, Mao’s teachings, thoughts, and doctrines continue to influence millions in China.  Mao’s “Little Red Book” is considered a valuable keepsake among the peasants and farmers living in China’s remote countryside..

Although Mao Zedong established strict rules that both he and all future Leaders of China must be cremated and--- the whereabouts of their ashes kept secret---Mao’s widow and fourth wife, agreed to have his body embalmed, preserved, and placed on permanent display for public viewing.

Now Mao Zedong’s embalmed body, draped in a red flag, lies in a crystal coffin in his own Majestic Mausoleum.  And each day, from 8am to 4pm, endless lines of people are quickly-ushered through Mao’s Tomb to view his body. Guards wearing guns and snow white gloves…caution the curious to keep the lines moving at a fast pace. No one has time to study the quiet figure covered by China’s official red flag; no commoner is allowed to photograph the historic figure who’s permanently sleeping inside the thick crystal-glass casket.

 But, after all these years, is it really Mao Zedong whose lying inside the crystal casket?!?!?

I learned some shocking information from Steven Zhao, the son of Mao’s chief of security. Steven told me, in great detail,  what his father knew about the basement under Mao’s Mausoleum.  Steven's father--due to his valued position within the party--was allowed to view the basement's large refrigerated rooms that contain numerous wax “models” of Chairman Mao.

It seems that after so-many years of having to, constantly, repair Mao’s over-all look-- including re-structuring his body and, most-importantly, his face---there was, at last, nothing left to work with. Simply touching his skin caused it to separate from his skeletal frame and eventually, all the bones in Mao's face collapsed--like a house of cards.  

Everything about Chairman Mao's body began breaking-down, disintegrating, falling apart.  Efforts to keep his face and body intact were proving impossible so, Chinese medical and design experts gave instructions for the leaders' most-trusted artists to use a special type of sculpting wax to create endless duplicates of Chairman Mao.

 But, overtime, even wax models lose their sharpness, their human believability so, every year or two, Chairman Mao’s “stand-in” must leave the stage to be replaced by a fresher, newer, and more convincing Mao impersonator.

This is a major secret; this is shocking news that has never been released to Mao’s millions of followers. Since 1967, every Mao Worshipper who views the Chinese Leader's body, has no reason to doubt that its the one and only body of their beloved Mao Zedong. 

So, more than fifty years after his death, Chairman Mao's body has reduced itself to ashes and…no one in the public arena has any reason to wonder--even for a minute--what happened to his ashes.

You might say that, after many years, Mao finally got his wish.

PS--while traveling China's Great Wall, several poor Chinese were kind enough to give me their much-loved and historic "Little Red Books."  I've displayed several of them in the photo above.

 These books contain quotes, thoughts, and writings of Mao Zedong.  I know that Chinese treasure their little-red-books...as many Americans treasure their family Bibles.

It was an honor for me to receive these historic gifts from the Chinese people. I'm sorry I can't read Chinese.