May. 14, 2019


May. 1, 2018

 I'm sharing this post from one year request. I find it interesting that what I wrote one year ago is even more-timely today.

 God doesn't drive a Yellow Taxi. The God I love, Honor, and Obey, isn’t conveniently waiting nearby to drive us where we want to go....or stop to pick us up when we’re standing in the street, impatiently waving, trying to flag him down.

 Recently, God’s name has been less-glorified and more-vilified. It hasn’t always been that way. America’s founders felt so strongly about God, they put his name on our currency “In God we trust.”  I well-remember when Americans’ lives revolved around God; God was the center of our universe. 

There’s been a major take-over in America.  It began when Americans decided to trust Money & Power--- rather than God. Soon, the Government-- now our enemy--started robbing us of our freedom, capturing our country, and today, holds us hostage. Our once-safe world has been turned upside-down. God has been slapped in the face, kicked to the curb,  and stripped of all Honor and Power.

We, the American People, are to blame.  Yes, we watched, silently, as Politicians ordered the Ten Commandments "pick-axed" from Government Buildings.  Like complacent sheep, we  allowed religious crosses stripped from places of worship.

Worst of all, WE didn’t unite our voices-in-protest when Congress passed laws silencing Prayer in our schools. And now, almost every day, America's historic statues, headstones, and monuments are being desecrated, destroyed, at the hands of Godless Liberals.

WHY do we allow the UNGODLY to stomp and burn our American Flag, dishonor our National Anthem, disrespect our country’s Pledge of Allegiance, and flip their middle finger at Americans'  Traditional Values?!?!? What has happened to our AMERICAN SPIRIT?!?!?  WHY AREN'T WE WILLING  TO STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR AMERICA?!?!?

On second thought, maybe that is God driving that Yellow Cab--- the one that just drove past us without stopping.  God deserves better; he’s had enough of free-loading passengers, those who curse, threaten, and disrespect him, and those who don’t appreciate him when he goes “the extra mile.” 

I'm sure God is tired of passengers who never tip or utter a simple “Thank You” when he stops his meter to listen to their whining, their cries for help. 

 It's important to know that my God doesn’t like one-way streets; he believes traffic should flow both ways.  And, God is wise to those who only “flag him down” when they're looking for a free ride.

I wouldn’t blame God for driving around with his doors locked. He’s sick of watching ungrateful Americans worship Evil. 

 YES....despite those who claim control, power, and success....God is still in the Driver’s Seat. Unlike many gutless Americans, God refuses to be a helpless bystander, passively watching as the GODLESS partner with EVIL to destroy HIS Creations--his perfect world..

In case you don’t know God…… he also has a perfect driving record.