Jul. 13, 2020



By now, most of you know I lived and worked in China for a number of years. I became quite familiar with the people, the government, the culture, and…the Chinese belief that fitness of the body coincides with fitness of the mind.

Every morning I jogged through traditional Chinese Neighborhoods and Parks. I watched Chinese of all ages use pipe fences as ballet bars--- park benches as anchors for bends and stretches and---regardless of the weather---crowd the Adult Playgrounds to use the exercise equipment.  You can criticize the Chinese Government if you wish BUT…they are years-ahead of America when it comes to the mental and physical health of its citizens.  For centuries, Chinese Experts have promoted natural health through regular physical activity. Chinese people are taught, as children, to keep physically fit as a long-term solution to staying mentally/physically healthy.

Every morning I spent outside-- in Chinese Neighborhoods-- was simple and fun. I loved joining the Chinese women with their leg kicks, deep stretches, and rhythmic leg squats but the most fun happened on the Adult Playgrounds.   I could ride stationary bikes, climb “Jungle Jims”, use the Swing Sets, slide down the “high and wide” Slides, and could always find a partner for the See-Saws. All the equipment was designed for adults and I never passed even one Adult Playground, night or day, that wasn’t crowded with active users!

I was so inspired with the idea of Adult Playgrounds that I wrote a business proposal called C.O.A.P----COME OUT AND PLAY! ---and presented it to several corporate boards in America. I loved the idea of C.O.A.P Parks in America and considered it as a great PR endeavor! For example: A Corporation like Coca Cola, based in Atlanta, could build Adult Playgrounds in Atlanta's  senior neighborhoods and reap tons of  free press and community accolades while demonstrating a strong commitment to the physical health of older Americans.  Adult Playgrounds would be designed especially for people over fifty and would be free.   Imagine how inspirational an Adult Playground could be for millions of older people?!?!?  JUST IMAGINE:

We could go back to our childhood days…the days when we knocked on the door of our best friend's house and said: “Hey, Sally!  CAN YOU COME OUT AND PLAY?!?!?!?!?(C.O.A.P.)


PS.  I’ve always said that TIMING is everything.  Back in 2002 and 2003, I PITCHED my proposal to several corporations BUT there wasn’t any real interest.  Finally, I was forced to stop pitching and start "earning a living."    Before posting my COAP experience on my website, I decided to do a quick internet search and discovered---  there are now a few Adult Playgrounds in America!

Just maybe, someone heard my “pitch”....liked my idea and….ran with it.