Nov. 30, 2020



THE BEAUTY QUEEN: Let No Deed Go a must-read. The following excerpt is from my book...the true story of my life:

I got up early the next morning, 5:00 am, to take a final run. My Mother had warned me to be out of her house by 8am and I intended to Far Away---before her deadline. I knew the shotgun she'd pointed at me last night... when she issued her threat.. was loaded.  I also knew My Mother was capable of pulling the trigger.  My Mother's HATE for me, her only daughter, had no limits.

With no money and no place to go, running was my only refuge from the stress of uncertainty. My mind kept jumping from one scenario to another while my feet, trained to run, moved me forward.

 I was running past a church with a large cross in front when suddenly, out of the early morning shadows, stepped a black woman--- waving both arms in the air. Looking at me, she hollered, “Hey, white lady, I need you to stop and help me with this money.” I was both stunned and frightened by the woman’s unexpected appearance but...I stopped. Holding a handful of dollar bills in one hand, the woman used the other hand to point out more dollar bills lying in a sunburst design at the foot of the church’s tall metal cross. Before I could say a word, the serious-looking woman thrust dollar bills in my hand then turned to pick up more money.

For the first time I spoke out, asking the woman why she was standing barefoot on this particular morning, in front of this particular Cross. Not once did she smile or engage in conversation. She merely answered, “I live five blocks away and a few minutes ago, God woke me from a heavy sleep and told me to get out of bed and go to this Cross.”  She said God’s request sounded urgent so she grabbed her house dress and ran out the door; there wasn’t time to search for her shoes.

 Trying to piece the mystery together, I kept asking for details. Without emotion, the woman continued to repeat exactly what she said God had told her: “You will find money at the foot of the Cross and you are to share it with a white woman running toward you.”

A few minutes later, the black woman flagged me down.

 I didn’t know if I was experiencing a mirage or a miracle. The stranger began walking away and I reached out to touch her, to thank her for being God’s messenger.  She backed off and, without a word, disappeared in the shadows.

I turned and began to jog away slowly....away from the Church and it's Cross...away from what, undoubtedly, was a miracle.  I stopped under the street light to count the dollar bills I'd stuffed in my shirt.  All totaled, I had one hundred dolllars. One hundred dollars I didn't have when I began my run earlier and now...enough money to buy a tank of gas so my car could get me far away from Pine Bluff; enough money to provide a couple of days of food for my two cats and me and hopefully... enough money for some shelter for tonight. 

Now, deep in my Heart....I knew God was watching over us.  Knowing God was with me, I wouldn't worry about tomorrow.

Sally Miller