Jan. 26, 2021


 Once--not too long ago---Life was elegant. Women wore hats and gloves and dressed in their nicest outfits when “going out” in public. Men dressed in suits and ties and--- the shine on a man’s shoes reflected  his true class and polish. People demonstrated respect for others by having a nice appearance and a kind word.   In return, others extended the same courtesy.

Homes, regardless of how poor or plain, were neat and when someone visited, they were offered a glass of sweet tea or a "coke." Most everyone used silverware, glassware, and linens (not disposable plastic or paper plates and no one drank from an aluminum can or a plastic bottle).

Those were the days when we prided ourselves on looking and being the best we could be. Manners were important and people valued their reputations. Words like "Thank You," "Please," "Yes Ma'am," or "No Sir" were everyday niceties. And, there was no canned, impersonal greeting like:  "Have a nice day."

Perhaps what bothers me most is this generation's total disdain for yesterday's treasures. No one today is interested in shining silver, having spotless glasses, or ironing beautiful linens. Today's young people complain that shining, scrubbing, ironing all those"things" they inherited from Grandma takes too much time and besides...most of those old "things" aren't worth anything.

This generation wouldn't be caught "dead"joining the family and watching TV Shows like those that were popular in days-gone-by...shows like: Andy of Mayberry, The Donna Reed Show, The Nelsons, Father knows Best, Gun Smoke, or...The Partridge Family.  

Reality Shows dominate today’s airways with such meaningless displays as: The Housewives of L.A., Living with the Kardashians, my 600 Lb. life,  Getting Rich From Food Stamps, or My 83 Cosmetic Surgeries. BUT, this generation loves them, supports them, and this generation dictates the future....

But, I still remember when life was once as programmed as the TV Guide Magazine.  Before supper, we watched the local news, followed by the weather forecast and later-- after finishing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen-- the family sat together  to watch a good movie... like Breakfast at Tiffany's or The Magnificent Seven....or Dragnet.   It sounds boring and monotonous to this generation but...back then... the scheduled sameness offered a certain sense of security.

Now that I'm "over the hill" and collecting Social Security, this generation considered me nothing more than just another old person living off the government.  They don't care that I worked regularly-- every day of my adult life-- paid-into Social Security, weekly-- and never-once had the luxury of being lazy.

 I absolutely remember the past and yes--- there's something to be said for memories.  I especially like to recall those memories when life was classic and worth-living; when older people had value.  In fact, it wasn't terribly-long ago that older people--like older items-- were treated with respect and dignity--- like treasures.  It's difficult to forget those times and, until the day I die, I'll miss them.

How sad to grown older and realize that---like the Silver, Antique Furniture, Embroidered Linens, Kid Gloves, and Party Manners---- this NEW GENERATION doesn't have the time, the interest, or the appreciation for OLD TREASURES--like me.