Feb. 16, 2021


MY ONCE- CLASSIC AMERICA IS DEAD. Somewhere between the late sixties and 2020---"They"--America’s Enemy--- chipped away at America’s elegance while undermining every person’s Commitment To Excellence—whether at home-- at work—or at play. Ever-so-carefully, The Enemy removed every person’s standards regarding basic manners; being well-groomed, well-dressed, and well-spoken; and especially, everyone’s over-all concept of “looking good-feeling good-and putting “your best foot forward”.

 PRETTY has been replaced by a pathetic attempt to treat the body like a message board or piece of needlework--- with “holes” everywhere; permanent ink drawings; wild and colorful hair-every-where on the body and with tons of wigs and hair pieces---sprouting from the heads of once-sane individuals.  I don’t have time or energy to discuss the now-fashionable false nails in sickening colors that are also studded with fake jewels, drawings---even feathers and hair!  And, many who wear these tasteless accessories are people working in prominent positions like--- restaurant managers, bank tellers, even hospital doctors and nurses.

Once upon a time, hair nets, rubber gloves, even masks, were required of everyone in the food industry but today-- those sanitary-musts are considered violators of a person’s rights.

Smooth skin, once a sign of beauty, has been replaced with grotesque Tattoos and metal Studs that stick-through the wearer's tongue, lips, cheeks, eyelids, breasts, and navels--every inch of open skin.

And-- FAT-IS-WHERE-IT’S-AT----- as big and plus-sized Americans out-grow the weight and measurement charts.  PRETTY has been replaced by “Grotesque and Pathetic” while “Trim and Fit” has been "out-weighed" by “SHOW THAT YOUR FREE-TO-BE-FAT—FLABBY—AND--- FREAKY”.

WORST OF ALL---Some aren’t satisfied with just being successful. It seems that being a top athlete, a nice-looking man, a husband, a father, even a TV Star—hasn’t been enough for Bruce Jenner. He was determined to become a woman named Caitlyn and proudly display his new look and new body on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Today, men want to be women, women want to be men, and---too-often---a person wants to be “both” by being in permanent "transition”.   It’s becoming impossible to know which is which-- who is who--and what to call him---or her---or it--- and I’m just SICK of all this gender-changing nonsense.

 But-- most serious of all-- is this very-important fact: young children, children as young as four years of age, are being taught about gender-reassignment.  PARENTS in the present generation have latched onto the idea that a child can choose to be whatever “it” wants to be, regardless of being classified as a boy or girl at birth.   Lawyers are getting rich by filing lawsuits against any and all people who attempt to “label” or “limit” a person's gender at any age.

I never believed the days of FATHER KNOWS BEST or THE BRADY BUNCH would remain Television Favorites forever BUT….I could never have imagined that looking Pretty/Handsome and being proud of WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE…would suddenly turn into a Carnival Freak Show.

But, it’s about much-more than looks and gender.  Telling a little boy that… starting today,….he'll begin wearing dresses, girl’s panties, little girl hairdos, playing with dolls, even sitting on the potty rather than standing in front of it to urinate…is a real hit-to-the-brain.  AND--- "starting today"—this little boy will no longer be a “big brother” but, instead, will now be a “big sister”---is not a fact that anyone of any age can absorb in 24 hours, let-alone-- a lifetime.

WHY has America been turned “upside down”?!?!?  Why is pretty, respectful, mannerly, and elegant-- being thrown aside in favor of-- ugly, nasty, cheap, and freaky?!?!?!?  What is happening?!?!?!?

My theory is simple. “They”-- America's Enemy-- began DUMBING-DOWN AMERICANS quite a-while ago. THEIR PLAN: Keep people's lives complicated, confusing, shocking, always in need of recovering from ongoing disasters like: Pandemics, Gas Explosions, Russian Threats, Killer-Illegals, Fear of Invasion from other countries, Floods, Fires, Grief from the World Trade Center Bombing, etc.  Keep Americans overwhelmed so they don’t have time to look around….time to study what Politicians, Big Money, World Leaders, and Educators have been constantly changing about America. THE ENEMY believes this:

 When people are too-busy making a living---adjusting to constant changes at work and at home--- meeting ever-growing obligations--- paying their many bills, utilities, home mortgages, etc.---they won’t realize that America is no longer the “Land of the free; Home of the brave”.  By the time they “wake up” and learn that America no-longer belongs to the American People---Americans will already be classified as slaves and legally-dominated.

This is the first of:   “SIMPLY, SALLY--IN SERIOUS MODE”. And, I’m not through. Over time-- I’ll be posting more of my beliefs about WHY the Left is rewriting history books, canceling national holidays like “Presidents’ Day”, and destroying America’s historic Statues and Monuments.  Also, I'll write about THE ENEMY'S need to destroy Christianity.

 Soon, I'll share Arkansas facts about the KKK from my own experiences while mentioning a little personal tidbit regarding the famous Democrat Senator Byrd, from W. Virginia, who never-relinquished his KKK membership.

And, I’ll share my thoughts about the re-emergence of Racism, Hate, and the loss of respect for God, Our Flag, Our Country, Law Enforcement, and our Military.

I may be retired from teaching but I'm not retired from life.  And, I still know facts.  I have endless resources to document the truth and….by damn…I will use my words to FIGHT BACK.    LIBERAL MADNESS is actively- destroying MY AMERICA!

Stay Close Now---more-than-ever.