Feb. 28, 2021


A 51-year-old beauty queen from Arkansas realized a lifelong dream recently when she completed a 4,200-mile jog of the Great Wall of China. Along the way, Sally Miller Perdue received threats. She was jailed. She got pneumonia. But she made it. Earlier this month, she flew back to the United States and stated:  "After a little rest, I would happily go back and do it again." After all, Chinese officials have just claimed the discovery of an additional 600-mile section of the wall in northern China. "I guess that's my next challenge," Perdue said. "Maybe, if I run that section I will finally lose my “always-a-beauty-queen-image."

Tell that to Playboy magazine, who, in 1989, offered Perdue, a finalist in the 1958 Miss America pageant, $35,000 to pose nude atop the Wall. She refused.

The above article appeared in both national and international newspapers. I enjoy sharing Playboy’s offer because it’s an interesting story.  It was 1989---and I was living, working, and training in Houston, Texas, in preparation for my first-ever journey of the Great Wall of China. One afternoon, I received a phone call from a woman in Chicago who introduced herself as Playboy’s public relations director. Having read publicity regarding my first-ever attempt to journey ALL THE WALL…. She said Playboy would pay 35,000 dollars for provocative photos, taken of me, during my Great Wall Adventure 

Without hesitating, I declined.  The Playboy director continued to argue with me, refusing to take no for an answer. Several days later, she called me back…offering to increase Playboy’s monetary sum to 50,000 dollars.

Once again, I refused her offer.  I stood my ground saying “The Great Wall is China’s national monument. I would never cheapen my journey--or myself-- by committing such an affront to the Chinese people.” 

Integrity can’t be negotiated at any price.