Nov. 4, 2021


From My Book, THE BEAUTY QUEEN, Let No Deed Go Unpublished:
"After the divorce, Jack saw his children whenever it suited him. Not once, did he spend time with them, alone. Jack always brought his "date" along. Very soon, he narrowed his secretarial pool down to the one who supposedly took the best "oral dictation"--a real talent.
One afternoon, Jack called about taking Myra and Rosemond to dinner. I was scheduled to work the evening he mentioned and had already hired a sitter. I said it would be fine, the sitter would be at the house when he picked them up and brought them home. By the time I returned home, both girls were in bed.
Before leaving, the sitter thought I should know... the woman with the children’s father came inside and toured the house. The sitter apologized, saying she didn’t know how to stop her.
The next month, when Jack came to take the girls to dinner, I was in the front yard watering the grass. I watched his secretary-- soon-to-be my children's stepmother--all-dressed-to-impress--confidently-open the door to get out of the car as Jack walked toward me. I raised my voice so both would hear: “Stay in the car, Ann. Jack can pick-up his daughters without your help.” She hesitated a moment and, when Jack reached the front door I addressed him face to face:
“I suggest you keep your sidekick in the car. If she ever puts one foot on my property again, I’ll give her a much-needed shower with my water hose.”
Looking like he wanted to punch me in the face, Jack replied, “You are one crazy bitch!” Smiling sweetly (I’d had years of practice) I remarked, “ Yes, even more reason why the two of you should stop harassing me. Crazy Bitches are known for doing some Real Crazy Things.”
Sally Miller