Mar. 25, 2020
Mar. 25, 2020


 I never expected life to stay “frozen” in-time but—who could have-ever imagined that “Classy and Elegant, Attractive, and Physically- Appealing would be so rudely- replaced with what I see today and every day, from---- Walmart to Olive Garden; from the Bank to the Doctor’s Office.  Unattractive bodies--- un-dressed in outrageous outfits--- are everywhere!  Our once-beautiful world has been “invaded” by tacky-cheap ugliness.

Even Television is “over-run” with ugliness. I’m able to click-beyond the brainless Reality Shows and suggestive Soap-Opera Serials but…I have no choice when it comes to what’s on full-public display, every day. Who can ignore the huge-floppy breasts, bouncing stomachs, and jiggling/flabby butts spilling-- over and under-- tights and tank tops? Who can avoid the beasty-looking men…many with bad teeth….who strut around grocery stores in low-riding cutoffs--completely shirtless--proudly displaying their multiple tattoos, huge bellies, even exhibiting their hairy butt-cracks?!?!

In the Fifties and Sixties, most-everyone believed appearance was everything.  We were judged by how we looked, how we dressed, how we used our manners, and how we treated others. Women took pride in keeping a nice house and….most women began every day with their hair styled, wearing full makeup, and being attractively-dressed--- even when cooking, cleaning, and doing yardwork.  Those were the days when no respectable woman would have answered the door without being properly dressed and wearing her red lipstick. 

In the fifties, men were as particular about their appearance-- as women. Men were almost-always cleanly- shaved, nicely dressed, and wore polished shoes. Most men aspired to be Gentlemen by demonstrating proper manners at all times. I don’t remember any man from my past--whether he was a businessman, a banker, the yardman or even the plumber-- ever looking sloppy, ill-kept or shabbily-dressed.

I have an excellent memory so I’d certainly remember if any males or females-- from my past—had-ever proudly-displayed their “nasty-fat bellies, embarrassingly-big breasts or spongy fat-butts”-- EVER! Too bad I can’t say that about males and females in this generation.

I find it insulting that people today show too-much of their worst features.  Why haven’t they learned that being well-dressed can hide the ugly-bad while accenting the good?!?!? And, what ever happened to being a "role model" for others?!?!?!

Statistics show that people weigh far-more today than in the fifties. It’s also true that people eat more today, exercise less, and actually….don’t give a damn about being fatter, less healthy, and unattractive.

I’m convinced that--- besides eating more food, overweight people also consume more drugs. The combination is lethal.  Drugs cause side effects that include food cravings.  Also, many of today’s meats and vegetables have been treated with hormones and additives to improve their look, taste, and shelf-life and….these additions upset the body’s chemistry. As a result, one out of every three people is over-weight. Compared to other generations, today's teenagers are heavier than other teenagers at the same age.  Obesity is NOW the new normal.

Okay, I know my limitations. I certainly can't solve the World's Problems, regardless of what I write, think, or say. Clearly, I can't make people care about their appearances or motivate people to improve their attitudes toward good manners, a classic look, or a simple elegance. But, if anyone--other than me-- still cares about life’s Traditional Values…I suggest we start concentrating on ourselves and simply ignore the rest.

Let’s schedule definite times to: Eat, Exercise, Work, Play, Every-Day.  Let’s commit to keeping our looks AND our attitudes classic, positive, smart, and consistent.  Above All…let’s concentrate on pleasing ourselves…rather than pleasing others.

Let’s set a goal of accomplishing ONE GOOD DEED every day….whether it’s washing the car, completing a daily to-do list, visiting a sick or dying friend, writing a chapter, a story, or finishing another book, hanging a picture, or planting a tree. Most importantly: We must keep-looking in the mirror, every day, and loving the person looking back at us.


Mar. 22, 2020

My search for Elmer L. Brock has narrowed to this one possibility. It would mean that this young man was probably 19 yrs. old when he was stationed at Fort Bragg....and that makes sense.  

If anyone knows or can help find the family of Elmer Brock, I would be forever-grateful.  The book is in good condition and should occupy a place of HONOR among Mr. Brock's close relatives.


BROCK, Elmer L. age 88 of Miami Twp. passed away Tuesday April 6, 2010 at The Hospice of Dayton. Elmer was born Feb. 9,1922 in Rock Castle Co., KY to the late Curg L. and Minnie Mae (Maness) Brock.

Elmer was an Army veteran of WWII and was merited with the following awards: Good Conduct Medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal, New Guinea Campaign with Bronze Star, Philippine Liberation Ribbon with Bronze Star, Luzon Campaign with Bronze Star, Bronze Arrowhead Award and Drivers and Mechanics Badge with Bar.

Elmer retired from Dayton Tire and Rubber in 1979, he was a member of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Miamisburg, Dayton Tire and Rubber Retirees Group, an avid car enthusiast Elmer loved to travel, visiting 49 of the 50 States only missing Alaska.

Elmer was preceded in death by his parents and a son, Darrell Brock. Surviving is his wife of 70 years Mary J. Brock, 2 children Sandra (Paul) Beardsley of Moraine, Gary Brock of Miami Twp., brother Clarence (Dorothy) Brock, 3 sisters Belle (Bob) Huff, Nannie Linville, Jean McGuire all of Kentucky, 5 grandchildren Scott (Kelly) Zimmerman of N.C., Michelle (Jack) Spooner of AL., Heather (Todd) Slaton of Franklin, Kenny Harville of Miamisburg, Faith (Tony) Rolfes of Englewood and numerous great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.

Funeral services will be Sunday April 11, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. at the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church 522 Twelfth St. Miamisburg, OH 45342 with Pastor Mike Miracle officiating. Visitation will be Sunday at the church 2 hours before the services (4-6 p.m.). Graveside committal services will be Monday April 12, 2010 at 10 a.m. at Evergreen Cemetery, West Carrollton.

If so desired memorial contributions may be made to the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church or The Hospice of Dayton. Elmer was a much loved Husband, Father, Grandpa, Brother, Uncle and will be missed by all.



Mar. 21, 2020


"It was difficult to contain my excitement. One year, I was a contestant in the 1958 Miss America Pageant and the next year,I'm a featured entertainer in the 1959 Miss America Pageant!

Anita Bryant, Miss Oklahoma and 1958 finalist,  was also chosen to be a featured entertainer. We’d been placed together as roommates and were invited to join the celebrity judges in attending exclusive cocktail parties and press conferences.  I planned on making strong contacts at every event to help launch my singing career.

We had barely finished unpacking when Anita announced she had two tickets for her friend’s performance at Atlantic City’s famous Steel Pier. Two hours later, I was all-alone with Anita’s friend and America’s heartthrob, Ricky Nelson. For the first time in months I laughed, had fun, and felt completely happy. Midnight came too soon and, hand-in-hand, Ricky and I walked the deserted boardwalk to my hotel. He surprised me with several romantic kisses then asked to see me the next evening.

With lips still tingling, I danced off the elevator and down the hall to my room. If only I could have ignored the note taped to my hotel door telling me to return my mother’s phone call. My mother’s shocking news: Jack planned to surprise me the next day by flying to Atlantic City! Devastated, I left a phone message at Ricky’s hotel, cancelling our future plans. Like ships passing in the night, our paths never crossed again.

Jack arrived the next morning, a poster boy for the quote: “You can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy.” His shoes were un-shined, his socks were dirty white, and he wore a faded “wash and wear suit.” His first words were memorable: “God damn, everything about this place is expensive! I hate Yankee Country and all the money-hungry Jews who live here! I hope you know my damn plane ticket was my salary for the next two months and I still have to pay for my trip home!!”

That day, all my windows of opportunity slammed-shut and all my good times-- ended".

Sally Miller

Mar. 20, 2020


In my opinion, if you never slept on a waterbed…you never missed anything. Just writing about the sound of wetness, the endless motion, the uneasy-unsteadiness….makes me seasick.

Some people thought waterbeds were “sexy” but I thought of them as gaudy, expensive toys. Who wants a bed that must be filled by dragging a garden hose through the house?!?!? Who wants to live with the fear that just one little puncture and the waterbed floods your entire house?!?!?

Back-in-the-day, some people were so obsessed with life on a waterbed… they surrounded themselves with mirrors…mirrors on the ceiling, mirrors on the walls, even mirrors on the bed’s headboard. Apparently, some enjoyed watching themselves and their playmates---in action. These narcissists gave new meaning to the expression: "Rock and Roll".

Like Fashion, Home Decorating styles change from year to year unless, like me, you buy a house--still locked-- in the seventies.  Yes, I bought a seventies house that was never upgraded, remodeled, or “brought” into the present generation.

After looking-- both in person and online--at more than 800 houses in my price range, I chose my current house because of its traditional layout, its relatively good condition, and its many possibilities.  I have much work to do but everything takes time and I'm inching along with baby steps; I'm tackling my project slowly, just a little at a time. 

At first glance, I was troubled by certain things about the house that defied description….like the very large rectangular-shaped mirror bolted to a principal wall  in the guest bedroom. Or, the master bedroom's mirrored closet doors that watched me dress/undress or stared at me each time I turned on my right side, in bed.

 The first time I entered the house, I turned to walk down the hall and almost collided with another person.  Actually, it was me….seeing myself in a wall of mirrors.  I admit…I still feel somewhat shocked to see myself at every turn.

I never met the woman who sold me her house.  Realtors have no reason to share anything other than financial information or facts about the home’s condition. But, little by little, I heard pieces of this and that and, in a short time, I've fit many of the puzzle pieces together.

Both the plumber and electrician volunteered that the woman had a second husband and….the couple didn’t share the same bedroom.  Instead, the new husband brought his waterbed into the second marriage and parked it in the guest bedroom. To make sure they had an equal-opportunity lifestyle….he had a large rectangular mirror placed long-wise along the wall behind the waterbed for “fun and games” and she had mirrored closet doors installed on one wall of her bedroom for “giggles and grins.”

I’m not sure if the couple sometimes met in the hall to experience the “full-length” effect but…it sounds like a real possibility. I do know he was very tall (more than six feet, six inches) and she was very short (like 4 feet, 9 inches}. 

I've always heard that opposites attract.  Just maybe, the two-together,  were very "inventive". So much so...their actions were worth-watching.

If only walls, ceilings, and mirrors could talk.