Jul. 7, 2020

JUST SO YOU KNOW: “Separation of Church and State” isn’t practiced by Congress. There are different rules for “commoners” and for “royalty.” Congress definitely has a SUPREME ATTITUDE: “DO as we say----NOT as we do.”



Since 2000, your Congress has spent more than $10 million on prayers, the vast majority of which are to the Christian God (more than 96% of prayers in the House were Christian).

The Senate Chaplain’s Office has a budget of $436,886 this year. The House Chaplain’s budget is similar, but it was not a line item—it was lumped in with $24,980,898 for the “salaries and expenses of the Office of the Clerk, including the positions of the Chaplain and the Historian.”

However, the Senate chaplain has three staffers—a director of communications, a chief of staff, and an assistant—while the House Chaplain only has two staffers—an assistant and a liaison. The salaries alone for the three in the House chaplain’s office top $345,000 according to Inside Gov. Add expenses and.... Congress is spending $800,000 every year on its opening prayers.

The chaplain has only one duty according to House rules: to “offer a prayer at the commencement of each day’s sitting of the House.” The same goes for the Senate. That’s it. They may do more, but their only job is to kick off the morning with an invocation.And they are well paid for this singular duty. According to the Congressional Research Service, in 2011 the House chaplain earned $172,500 and the Senate Chaplain earned $155,500. All for saying  one prayer and only on the days the House and Senate are in session... something like 135 days.

Both the House and Senate Chaplains earn salaries equivalent to level IV of the Executive Schedule. Other employees paid at this level include the general counsels of the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force; the chief financial officers of NASA and the EPA; the Chief Information Officers of almost every major federal department and agency; and the Army’s Director of Civil Defense.

That’s right. The federal government thinks that a post which has one duty—to give a less-than-2-minute invocation—deserves the same compensations as the Navy’s chief attorney or NASA’s accountant.

And even with those fat salaries, the official chaplains let “guest chaplains” deliver many of the prayers—about 40% in the House. The House chaplains gave 1,341 invocations over the 16 years from 2000-2015, or about 84 invocations each year. Guest chaplains gave another 857 over that same span. Congress is budgeting more than three-quarters of a million dollars every year for chaplains to give these prayers or coordinate the guest chaplains’ prayers.

If you do the math for 2011 (the chaplain gave 104 prayers that year), the House chaplain’s salary works out to $1,659 per prayer or, if the prayers average about 90 seconds, a salary of $66,346 an hour. The House chaplain gave 104 prayers that year: 156 minutes or 2.6 hours. That’s more than 9,000 times greater than the federal minimum wage and more than the combined hourly wage for the CEOs of Starbucks, Macys and Wal-mart. In fact, it’s more than triple those CEOs’ combined hourly wage.

 Research in this post was contributed by:

Andrew Seidel, Attorney, with... FREEDOM FROM RELIGION FOUNDATION.


Jul. 6, 2020


When I first married--- before I learned to say NO--- I reluctantly accepted invitations to play party-bridge several times a month.

One afternoon, sitting at the bridge table with Ann (from a wealthy, old family in Pine Bluff and married to a man from another wealthy old family), I was shocked to hear her say, “God, I just realized today is Thursday--- which means I have to give Al “a little” tonight! I’d rather visit my gynecologist twice a day than have Al pushing and probing me for one eternally-long hour!” 

Another woman seated at the same table spoke up: “Ann, I can’t believe you actually plan sex in advance. How do you control how long it lasts?”

That was Ann’s moment to shine: “Of course I plan it….I put it on my calendar like all my other appointments. I control how long it lasts by setting the alarm clock. He better be through by the time that alarm goes off because that means it’s over---time's up! I’m finished! I chose Thursday evenings because Al’s usually at the farm all day and when he gets home…he’s dead-dog tired. Also, I have my hair done on Friday mornings and I'm not about to let Al destroy a fresh hairdo.

The other woman, insatiably curious, asked: “You mean Al agrees to only one night a week and for only one hour?” Surely he tries to sneak-in a little kissing, or petting, or some touchy-feely on all the other days of the week.”

In response, Ann rolled her eyes, smiled and confidently replied: “Al’s smart enough to know if he complains or tries any “hanky-panky”….I’ll cut off his weekly supply and he won’t “get-any” for months!"

Believe it or not…I’ve known quite-a-few “ANNS” in my lifetime and…..they always manage to have husbands and boyfriends.  I believe there are more-than-a-few men who simply like being  “dominated”.

Sally Miller


Jul. 5, 2020

As a female, I learned to wear classic looks that never go out of style; to wear clothes that flattered my particular body style---and helped me look/feel my best.

Elegance comes in a variety of looks aspiring woman must quickly-learn to accent her positives and "down-play" her to speak. For example: tall, thin women look fabulous in pleated skirts but pleats aren’t for women with big behinds or larger-than-life tummies.

I remember when women with large legs knew that mini-skirts were their worst enemy so, wisely, they chose to wear longer skirts in soft, drapey and flowing materials like silks and crepes. I encouraged women with "fuller" figures to learn to walk and move...light-on-their-feet.  In my modeling classes,  I taught larger women to "glide" as they walked...using their hips rather than their feet.

YOU create the illusion of  who you crafting your very-own look. Always remember that "YOU" create the person you want to be by... how you dress, walk, sit, talk...even how you interact with others.

I loved knowing secrets that helped women dress to accent their best physical features.  I never tired of teaching women how-to walk, talk, sit, stand..and "show-off" their "assets"..  Life is more fun when you develop your own look...and style. Anyone can look and sound more elegant, more glamourous..and yes, more professional, with time...and practice. 

Back in the “day” of women invested in attractive "undergarments". Those undergarments consisted of well-constructed bras and control-type panties...sometimes called girdles... which added support to minimize flab and fat. These under garments ensured a woman’s confidence by "tightening" her from the inside...... which helped her look wonderfully-smooth and "controlled" on the outside.  Unless TODAY'S woman exercises religiously and maintains a consistently-slim figure… she still needs a certain degree of “control” in her dress-up clothes.

I will always believe woman of every age should dress well….regardless of whether she wears expensive outfits, "imitations" or…like me…simply knows how to shop re-sale shops, mark-downs racks, and... bargain basements.

My grandmother lived frugally and had the barest of necessities in her small closet BUT…she was always my best “teacher”.  She often went with me when I shopped.  I can still “hear” her advice when she watched me try-on a variety of clothes---from work attire to party dresses:  "NEVER  show too much.  ALWAYS Leave something to the imagination".

Simply, Sally


Jul. 3, 2020


As I mature, death becomes more real, less feared, more readily accepted. All my relatives: my grandmother, cousins, great grandparents, and parents, are buried in a small-town cemetery--- resting in a clump of pine trees--- on a Missouri hillside.

In 2013, I chose to spend July 4th with my father at his final resting place. Thick grass spread a soft blanket over the sleeping... as birds sang and squirrels played hide-n-seek between the headstones. Several graves displayed American flags honoring those dedicated veterans who'd proudly served their country in various wars. An atmosphere of quiet peace and timeless memories surrounded me.  I sensed an untroubled calm--noticeably absent--in my daily life. I stayed longer than I planned.

Standing in that silent place, surrounded by those who had quietly surrendered, I realized that life offers many-worse fates… than death.

Sally Miller


1 Corinthians 15:55, "Where, oh death, is thy victory? Where, oh death, is thy sting?"



Jul. 1, 2020

What's happened to our Rebel spirit?!?! What's become of our Do or Die attitude?!?! The South has always represented charm and elegance and a Work Hard--Win Big --attitude! The South does not represent slavery to anyone EXCEPT those who promote HATE and RACISM for their own benefit!

 Interesting how quickly we were taught to forget our “liberal” past….including NYC Bond Daddies- with their  “get-rich-quick” phony stocks….or all-those nasty Carpetbaggers from UP- NORTH who peddled lies and fake goods and…who can forget the much-feared Big-Northern-City-Mafias and their vicious, controlling demands!?!?!?!  For more than a century, the North has been one story of corruption after another.  Even today, news stories headline violent murders, destruction, devastating crimes and needless deaths and--- the overwhelming majority of the violence comes from THE NORTH!  

Only Democrats would want to destroy THE SOUTH’S historic monuments and famous statues. WHY?!?!? Because Democrats have always “hated the hell” out of “DIXIE”; out of America’s most-romantic, elegant, and historic South-- because it captures the essence of emotional history--where heartless Democrats had no roots.   Democrats are “eaten alive” with hate and jealousy for the life, heart, and soul of America ---- for the loving and fiercely-loyal parts of America LIBEALS never experienced and can never duplicate! 

Because of the unrelenting ugliness of the Democrat Party----Classic America has "Gone with the Wind."

My friend—Mary Ann Mobley, from Brandon, Mississippi---who became Miss America in 1958---- died almost six years ago.  As the newly-crowned Miss Arkansas 1958, I easily remember the night Mary Ann Mobley became the new Miss Mississippi. 

As a finalist, Mary Ann was responsible for answering one very-important question: "If you are lucky enough to win the title of  Miss Mississippi, and you go to Atlantic City, what will you tell Americans about your wonderful state of Mississippi"?  Using her sweetest and most-authentic southern drawl, Mary Ann replied:  "There just wouldn’t be enough time to share all the many wonderful reasons why my state of Mississippi is the most fabulous state in the union so ….I’d try to sum-it-all-up in just one sentence…by saying to Americans-Everywhere : “Save your confederate money, boys….. cause the SOUTH'S gonna-rise again!!!"

With those words, everyone in the audience stood-up and like true Southern Patriots…. shouted the rebel yell!  A few minutes later, Mary Ann became the new Miss Mississippi.  Two months later, Mary Ann was crowned Miss America, 1959.

I get goosebumps remembering the night Mary Ann won her state crown in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Southerners have an undying loyalty to their Southern Roots… a strong, unified spirit....that NEVER forgets our traditional Southern Heritage.

IT’S TIME for all Americans to renew our commitment to the South…and the North… and all points East and West. As Americans…we must put down our phones, get off our computers, and end our complacency. We must re- energize our PATRIOTISM and stand UNITED! It's time to be REBELS--TO CONFRONT our enemies and--TO CHARGE-AHEAD! Together, we must take-back America!!!




Sally Miller