Jul. 2, 2019

MISS AMERICA PAGEANT 1958. Seconds before my Float and I were attacked....

One week before competing in The Miss America Pageant, my chaperone and I flew to New York City where, in addition to photography sessions, press conferences, and lunch with New York City Mayor, Robert F. Wagner Jr, I was scheduled to appear on two of television’s most popular shows----the Today Show and the Ed Sullivan Show. The morning of my Today Show appearance, my chaperone felt ill and unable to accompany me so-- she asked the hotel manager to place me in a reputable Taxi and tell the driver my destination.

Seemingly friendly, the driver commented on my southern accent and asked where I was from. I proudly told him I was Miss Arkansas and.....before I could say more.....the driver swerved his taxi to the curb and began shouting, “Get your ass out of my taxi, you fuckin-nigger-hater!” Scared beyond words, I jumped out of the taxi’s back seat and had barely closed the car's door... before the taxi screeched away. It was my first time in New York City; I had no idea where I was or how to get where I needed to be. But, just like in the movies, an Irish police officer walked up and said “Lady, you look lost, can I help you?” Minutes later, I was sitting in the back of a NYC Police Car being driven to the studios of NBC, home of The Today Show.

No one prepared me for the political questions I was asked on national television… questions like “Why does your Governor hate Negros?” or “Why does your state treat Negros like slaves?” I was a beauty queen, not a politician, and---knowing from personal experience that the show (live television show) must go on--- I simply answered each question to the best of my ability.

Before arriving in Atlantic City for the Pageant, the Miss Arkansas Pageant Director bragged about the Miss Arkansas Float being the most expensive and elaborate float in the Boardwalk Parade. The Miss Arkansas Committee had increased the float budget so it could be designed and decorated by New York City’s most professional parade-float designers. The evening of the parade, I saw the float for the first time and was horrified. The float was gaudy-ugly. It depicted a Cleopatra-Egyptian theme in brassy gold and shiny black, complete with an elaborate throne flanked on either side by black panthers wearing rhinestone collars. Not only was it completely over-the-top, I found the black panthers and throne offensive, hinting of centuries-old slavery. As the parade crew helped me climb on my throne, one man remarked, “Who would put Black Panthers on a Beauty Queen float, anyway? They distract from the Contestant!!!!!”

My driver found our place in the parade line-up and almost immediately, the parade music began. We’d traveled approximately three hundred feet and I was waving, smiling, greeting the crowd when, out of nowhere, objects began flying through the air-- hitting me and the area around me. Within seconds the float was covered with bleeding tomatoes, smashed apples, tennis balls, and all-kinds of trash, including paper cups, ice and soda drinks. The air was alive with movement as things smashed on and around me.... striking my head, my body, and discoloring my expensive white gown. I felt the float wobbling and shaking as angry people screamed ugly names at me like “Nigger Hater” and “Racist Bitch”---and tried to climb onboard. The crowd’s noise was soon overpowered by the sound of police sirens. Within minutes, the area around my float was alive with parade police, city police and every type of security. The Police Chief stopped the parade, cleared everyone from around my float and---concerned for my physical well-being---found a doctor to give me a quick once-over. The parade's official crew were attempting to clean both me and my float when the announcement came that, due to security concerns, the Arkansas Float was being pulled from the parade.

The Chief of Police escorted me to his car and safely back to my hotel room. Both local and national media were warned to ignore the parade incident in their reports. Ever mindful of the pageant’s image, the Miss Arkansas Pageant Director instructed me to remain silent--- about the “unfortunate” New York City taxi experience and the Parade's “un-pleasantries.”

Over dinner, several reporters (staying in the same hotel) told me that—prior to my arrival in Atlantic City---the Associated Press had been running a series of articles focusing on race problems in Arkansas. Several editorials also appeared in local papers, exposing the racial bias of Arkansas’s governor. Most believed the articles appeared specifically in Northeast newspapers including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. One of the reporters shared a recent front page from the Philadelphia Enquirer Newspaper featuring a large photo of me accompanied by an article titled: “Miss Arkansas 1958, proudly represents a Southern State that hates Negros”.

So, did these racially-charged articles influence the Parade Float Professionals when they designed the Miss Arkansas float?!?! I’ll never know for certain. One thing I do know: I experienced the frightening boardwalk parade incident, first-hand, just as I personally experienced being thrown out of a New York City taxicab. So---don’t talk to me about racial backlash.

Sally Miller

Jun. 30, 2019

I wrote this article in 2011, just eight years ago.  Imagine how advanced the world has become since then. "They" are now so skilled, we can no-longer see them but be sure: They are still watching.

"I KNEW IT!!!!!! I was clicking channels with my remote and, for about 30 seconds I saw myself--watching myself--- on the TV SCREEN!  Over a period of one year, the same thing happened two more times....once when my two grandchildren were watching TV with me. I was shocked all three times but I knew it had actually happened.

I reported the incidents to a technology friend and....he laughed. But a few years later, he called to apologize.  He also said he was no-longer laughing and forwarded the verification article featured below.  YES, Comcast is watching us through the "little black boxes" that are required for every TV in our homes.  Even worse, we are charged for the very boxes used to spy on us !!!!!!!!!!!

Eight year ago, I shared my story on social media.  I wasn't crazy then and I'm not crazy now. Never underestimate the power of the government. Today, the technology has become more advanced and is also being used on our computers and our cell phones. And you thought you were home ...alone. Smile for the camera!"


The article below was published in The Washington Times (one of the few news sources I trust) six years ago. Apparently, the Liberal Media chose to ignore it...possibly because they were paid by the government to hide it.


Cheryl K. Chumley reports for The Washington Times, June 17, 2013:

 Cable TV companies have acquired a new technology that enables them to peer directly into television watchers’ homes and monitor viewing habits and reactions to product advertisements.

The technology would come via infrared cameras and microphones embedded in digital video recorders (DVRs) or cable boxes, which will enable the cable companies to watch and analyze viewers’ reaction (what they do and say) to televised ads. The cable companies then use the data collected to target specific advertisements to the particular household.

Rep. Mike Capuano (D-MA) and Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) have introduced a bill, the We Are Watching You Act, to prohibit the technology on boxes and collection of information without consumer permission. The bill would also require companies that do use the data to show “we are watching you” messages on the screen and to explain just what kinds of information is being captured and for what reasons.

The two Congressmen explain in a press release that “A patent application filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office by Verizon notes the technology could detect a range of viewer activities. According to the patent application, the set-top device will be able to distinguish ‘ambient action … of eating, exercising, laughing, reading, sleeping, talking, humming, cleaning’ and more.”

Congressman Capuano stated: “This may sound preposterous but it is neither a joke nor an exaggeration. These DVRs would essentially observe consumers as they watch television as a way to super-target ads. It is an incredible invasion of privacy. Given what we have recently learned about the access that the government has to the phone numbers we call, the emails we send and the websites we visit, it is important for consumers to decide for themselves whether they want this technology. Think about what you do in the privacy of your own home and then think about how you would feel sharing that information with your cable company, their advertisers and your government.”

For his part, Congressman Jones stated: “Allowing this type of technology to be installed in the homes of individuals without their consent would be an egregious invasion of privacy. When the government has an unfortunate history of secretly collecting private citizens’ information from technology providers, we must ensure that safeguards are in place to protect Americans’ rights.”

Current law is silent on these devices. The We Are Watching You Act will require both an opt-in for consumers and an on-screen warning whenever the device is recording information about consumers.

Sally Miller



Jun. 29, 2019

My eye doctor told me that "junk" builds-up at the base of our eyelashes, causing chronic eye irritations. Overtime, most of us develop dry eyes and when we add "dry eyes" to our ongoing eye irritations..we can expect our eyes to be very unhappy. eye doctor "opened my eyes" to a new program of eye cleaning which has improved my eye sight while diminishing the puffiness around my eyes! And...the solution contains no irritants to make my eyes "cry". IT'S A NO-MORE-TEARS-SHAMPOO AND BODY WASH ---MADE--EXCLUSIVELY-- FOR BABIES.
Just know that--between the eye-cleaning, warm packs, and eye drops that contain eyes have dramatically improved.

I don't wear serious makeup these days unless I'm making a public appearance. No longer do I dread removing my mascara due to sensitive eyes and skin. Now, I simply use cotton pads that contains a few drops of BABY WASH and gently wipe my eyes clean, then complete the process by wiping both eyes until clear...with cotton pads dipped in cold water. Very gently, I blot the area dry....satisfied that my eyes are much-happier with my latest problem-solver!

Nope, I do not receive a monetary reward from JOHNSON'S for this endorsement! I simply want to share my inexpensive solution for my medical problem AND my decades-old eye-makeup-removal-dilemma. Remember---- I believe in The Golden Rule.

The way my body has reacted to this body wash is a major plus and worth-noting. All my skin feels smoother, less dry, and I've returned to my old habit of using baby oil all-over after showering! I still use John Frieda as my shampoo and conditioner BUT I may soon find that baby shampoo works best for my hair, too.

I suggest everyone buy travel size bottles of baby all-over-wash and shampoo. I find them at Dollar General and Walmart for less than two dollars each. Remember: just a few drops go a long way. I keep a bottle in the shower and one on my bathroom vanity. Every morning and night, I use a small amount (one drop for each eye)) of the baby wash to hand-wash the area around my eyelashes and my lids, both top and bottom. I rinse thoroughly then pat my eye area dry. WARNING: Use different cleansing pads for each eye. Never take a chance on spreading irritation or infection from one eye to the other.

SILVER POLISH---Be consistent and keep it easy, simple, inexpensive, helpful, and safe. What do we have to lose?!?!?!?

IF you have questions or comments, just send an email to I'd like to hear from you.

Stay Close,
Sally Miller

Jun. 27, 2019





If you've lived all your life without knowing about NECROPHILIA, it's time you learned. You've surely heard of grave robbers who dig up the dead just to rob them of rings, watches, jewelry of any kind. The very idea of such intrusion makes me sick.

But---imagine beyond-sick people called NECROPHILES, who dig up the dead to enjoy their company--to make friends--to dress and un-dress them,  AND.... to have sex. 

In the early eighties, I had a talk-radio show in Little Rock, Arkansas. One day I received a call from a newspaper reporter/friend, asking if I wanted to join him at a Trailer Park outside North Little Rock to experience an exclusive story-in-the-making. Of course, always loving adventure, I quickly said "yes".

No one, not even the toughest among us, can prepare for the sight of dead bodies. I watched an old metal trailer door being ripped from its hinges as military police took possess of a crime scene.

Inside were the long-dead bodies of three women who, at the time of their deaths,  were 17 years, 25 years, and forty-one years of age. The most-recent dead was a seventeen year old who had been laid-to-rest, ten months earlier. The twenty five year-old-female had been in her grave for five years before her long sleep was interrupted and she was found in this old, creepy trailer.

 Inside, two of the women were lying naked on a bare mattress in the small trailer's only bedroom. The youngest woman was lying on her back in the bathtub. Her hair was wet, like it had recently been washed. Probably most bizarre to me...the woman's eyes were wide-open. The trailer's kitchen cabinets were crowded--not with food--but with boxes of condoms, bras and panties, nightgowns--even makeup and nail polish.  

No one knew for certain how long the airman from the nearby Jacksonville Air Force Base had practiced his cold, deadly obsession for lifeless, female-playmates. Records showed he'd rented the Trailer more than 3 years earlier and none of the other residents suspected anything strange about his comings and goings....not even his wife or two children.  Yes, he had a regular family, in another community, where he was considered a good husband, father, and a military service man with a flawless military record but...

I was hooked. I'd never experienced life at its creepiest/craziest and I needed answers. Several days later, when I introduced Necrophilia on my talk show, choosing to educate the public about its meaning (while carefully avoiding details of my recent encounter), The Station was bombarded by attorneys' calls, demanding I change the subject, immediately.  It was clear I'd touched on classified information that the military deemed off-limits to the public.  

I followed the case closely, wanting to know more about the airman, his family, and his eventual punishment. But, in spite of our persistence, neither my reporter-friend or I were able to "dig up" much more. We learned only that the trailer had been moved from its long-time address and...that the women were all laid-to-rest...again.. in undisclosed locations.

Years ago, as a married woman, nothing upset me more than to be wakened from a peaceful sleep....for sex. Being a  dutiful wife, I seldom refused but....I still remember just lying there, feeling dead inside....much like a corpse.

So, to guarantee my eternal rest and uninterrupted sleep...I've elected to be cremated.



Jun. 26, 2019

I'm repeating a post from last year.



I was in a tiny village near The Great Wall, desperately searching for boiled drinking water and Chinese peanuts-- my only source of protein-- when I saw the very young Chinese boy in “split pants”.

The instant he saw me--a tall white-skinned woman wearing a large backpack with numerous bags hanging around my waist--he started crying hysterically. So frightened, so fearful of the stranger, the little boy ran in search of his grandmother, his caregiver.

 I watched as the child’s grandmother scooped him up, sat down with him on her lap, and immediately put her hand between his legs. As the grandparent cooed and babbled in some rhythmic, sing-song dialect, she also stroked the little boy’s penis slowly, in a very-familiar manner.

Soon the little boy stopped crying and began to smile.  Then, little by little, the young child laughed, ever-so- softly.  In a few short minutes, the child’s eyes slowly closed and-- just-like-that-- he was asleep.

There were villagers everywhere--curiously eyeing me--all wanting to know where I’d come from; who I was; why I was in their village.  They were all-around the grandparent and the child…but not even one was watching what the grandparent was doing to stop the child’s crying. No one was shocked to see a grandparent masturbating her grandson.  No one, that is, except me.

For the rest of my Great Wall journey, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d seen. I was horrified to believe this was a common practice among Chinese. I must know the truth.

Almost five years later, when I returned to China as their first Communications Specialist, I learned the truth. Living among the Chinese People, I quickly saw that young Chinese couples gift their parents with the one- child-only….then become fulltime professionals with one goal—to make lots of money.

These young couples are parents in name only; traditionally, they're too busy to spend time raising a child. Their parents--the grandparents-- are responsible for raising the one-child-only because ....that’s what Chinese Grandparents do in their retirement years.

I never grew "use" to it but, looking around, I continued to see very young children—both males and females-- being masturbated in Beijing Parks, on street corners, even in McDonald’s!  It was the accepted method for stopping tears, for ending emotional upsets, and the best method for putting a cranky baby to sleep.  And, it was used by all Chinese Grandparents. 

Yes, It's an ancient Chinese custom that's been passed from one generation to the next and…apparently…it's not considered sexual.

Even today... writing about what I saw in China… makes me very uncomfortable. Living in China for nearly ten years, I learned how vastly-different the Chinese Culture is when compared to American Culture.

There were many other customs/traditions I experienced in China, more I’ll write about in the future,  and many-more traditions I can never accept.  Nevertheless, the Chinese customs/traditions will never stop me from loving both the country and its people.

 Who’s to say which Culture has it right?