Aug. 8, 2022


I well-remember the day I made my decision to  walk out the door---down the front walkway---and keep moving forward---to the street. That day,  I was twenty-seven years old and "falling apart"--both physically and emotionally.  No one could "fix-me"--but me--and---after lots and lots of praying---the little voice inside me---directed me to start walking.  No question about it--walking changed my life.

Within weeks, I'd throw all my prescription drugs for mood-elevators, tranquilizers, anti-depressants, etc. in the trash.  And soon--- I felt hopeful as--morning after morning--I enjoyed my faster steps, my improved attitude, and my sudden boost in confidence. Soon I was running and---I could feel myself growing stronger--happier--and smarter.

Weeks turned into months---then years--and even today, every day----- I continue to "hit the streets."

So, my message to all of you is: You can keep taking medicine, complaining, feeling sorry for yourself or--you can put on your walking shoes, open the door, and start walking. Before you know it---you'll be walking longer and farther and---before long---you'll forget everything but how proud you are to be "out and about."

FACE FACTS.  Our bodies are built to move. And, every day, our eyes are meant to see and appreciate the beauty around us. Walking is free yet-- it offers priceless benefits. It won't take long before everything about YOU will start improving---once you take your first steps.  But, to see a  real difference, you must stay committed and do it---regularly.

 I know-- from experience-- your feet can take you to exciting and wonderful places---when you just let them walk---and you simply--- follow!

Sally Miller


Aug. 7, 2022

There was a time, not too long ago, when America protected its people.  The wars, the violence, and devastation were far away, on foreign soil. Now--- not one day goes by that we don't hear/read/experience the dangerous disruptions in our cities, our local communities, our schools--- even on America's Military Bases.  Every day,  Real Americans are growing more and more fearful.

As a very-young child, I listened to radio reports about a Dictator named Hitler---an evil Nazi ---who controlled a country called Germany.  Adolf Hitler, the leader of Germany's Nazi Party, was one of the most powerful and heartless dictators of the 20th century. Hitler capitalized on economic woes, popular discontent, and political infighting, to take absolute control of Germany in 1933.

I recall my grandmother taking me to the “Picture Show” every Saturday afternoon where I saw unedited news reels showing bodies of human skeletons--- many alive---living in concentration camps.  I saw black and white movies of these living skeletons—some with small children—robotically-digging in mounds of decaying garbage---searching for food---desperately-trying to delay death.

And---I can never forget the sight of children and adults being herded into a long train of box cars…. for a one-way trip to the ovens. Those were the days when America seemed like heaven compared to the atrocities of WWII and--- I felt safe.

Today, I don't miss being a child;I don't wish to be young again.  But every day I ask God to please...restore that part of my childhood… when I felt safe.

Simply, Sally



Aug. 6, 2022

“The more I mature, the less I allow ugliness from my past to invade my present. Instead, I block-out the ugliness with memorable moments. My Great Wall remembrances are never far away—they find me when I’m sitting in traffic, walking by the fast-moving river, or watching smoke-trails from a high-flying jet. The Wall is with me when I smell wetness on mossy rocks, or jog through frost-covered grass.

My memories often consume me and, like stepping into cold rain on a scorching-hot day, my body shivers with anticipation. I close my eyes and, in an instant, I’m back on The Wall. Those are the times I can touch the wind, hear the silence, and share aloneness—all under a brilliantly-blue, open-parasol sky—that speaks only Chinese. I share those moments with tears filling my eyes, running down my face, dripping from my chin....and I don’t stop them. Tears are my evidence; my emotional reminders. Yes, I was really there.

The magic comes from knowing my—“Once upon a time”— began with a nine year old girl, a teacher, a geography book and.... a dream.”

Sally Miller

Jul. 19, 2022

Today’s world-- is not my world. Evil is in control-- while goodness hides in fear of punishment. And, I have every reason to believe--this isn't God's World  either. God's world centers on love, safety, goodness, and caring for others.  I sense God's unhappiness and-- my heart tells me it won't be long before God takes control.  I pray it won't be long before GOD is-- once-again--the center of our universe.

And, speaking of GOD---I must express my love for God, Churches, and Church Hymns! Hymns remind me of my growing-up days---of Sunday School Classes taught by my grandmother-- of an old-fashioned church with hard pews-- wooden floors-- a robe-less choir--of ceiling fans--and--the hand-held paper fans that advertised local funeral parlors. I remember everyone respectfully- standing when we sang certain hymns--including this one:

"Stand up-- Stand up for Jesus, ye soldiers of the cross.  Lift high his royal banner it must not suffer loss. From victory unto victory his army shall he lead. Till every foe is vanquished and Christ is Lord indeed."

 It’s time to lift God high as we can get him....and show our enemy we are fearless because--- we are Christians who share the POWER OF GOD ALMIGHTY!  YES---- It's time for all of us to unite-- in FAITH.

The second verse of the National Hymn, "God of our Fathers" also sings to our cause---"Thy Love Divine hath led us in the past-- In this free land-- by Thee our lot is cast; Be Thou our Ruler, Guardian, Guide, and Stay--- Thy word our law-- Thy paths our chosen way."

I am proud to be a Christian. I believe in God, the Father Almighty-- maker of Heaven and Earth-- and in Jesus Christ-- God's only son-- our Lord and our Savior.


Sally Miller


Jul. 18, 2022

When you live in a foreign country, it’s important to stay alert to the happenings around you.  What may appear “normal” can easily be a vile act of Pedophilia.

While living in China, I quickly learned that countless foreigners visit China to fulfill their sexual fantasies and sick desires.  I know from personal experience about one very-pathetic and perverted incident.

A middle-aged American named Jack (from Texas), was hired by an International Oil Company and placed in one of the companies off-shore locations in Southern China.

Five years later, the company relocated Jack to their main office in Beijing.  A company secretary, noting that he had added a ten year old daughter to his list of household members, asked Jack if this was his daughter from the United States.

 Jack boasted that, while living in South China, he had purchased his Chinese daughter from her parents. Stunned, the Chinese secretary quickly shared this information with others in the office. Pressed to give more details, Jack described how he had befriended this very poor Chinese family and--- noting that none of their four children had ever attended school--he offered to educate their youngest child, a five year old girl. There was only one stipulation: the family must allow the girl to live with him.

 As with most Chinese families--- education is considered a person's  guarantee for a better life. If Chinese children receive an education, they can find a good job, which, in China, translates into earnings for the entire family.

Sad to think of their young daughter being separated from the family-- yet believing this rich foreigner would provide a valuable education and other advantages for their young child, the mother and father accepted five hundred American Dollars (an enormous amount of money for poor Chinese) then placed their little girl in the hands of an American stranger.

 Five years later, when this devious pervert moved to Beijing, the girl traveled with him.  Not surprising, she appeared to be considerably-older.  The now-worldly young girl dressed like a seasoned teenager, with the latest-punk hairdo, lots of theatrical makeup, and very-suggestive outfits—short skirts, thigh-high boots, and see-through tops.

 Most appalling was the young girl’s attitude toward the American man who many- believed was the child’s adopted father.  What company employees saw appalled them. When Jack and his “daughter” were together, there was an air of sexual obsession-----an atmosphere of perverted, romantic love.  The father and "daughter" were unable to keep their hands off each other as they continued to hug, touch---and longingly- kiss each other’s lips.   On one of her many office visits to see Jack, the “daughter” insisted on sitting in his lap and whispering in his ear while her fingers kept playfully- touching his mouth.

Shocked by the public actions between the two, the oil company’s general manager demanded emergency talks behind closed doors.  Jack lost his job, the child was returned to her parents in South China, and the company called for sealed lips among all its employees.  But, of course---- China’s always-amazing “pipeline”----------- carried the scandalous story--- far and near.

I taught English to the Oil Company’s Chinese Staff and my classroom was in the room next to Jack’s office. Shortly after moving to the Beijing office-- Jack bragged to me about his "daughter" and told me a completely-different story:

Pretending to feel sad and lonely--- Jack cried.  He confessed to wanting a young companion-- someone to love, like a Father.  He insisted he only wanted a young child to replace his grown children back in the states. From the beginning of his weak and pointless story, it was clear---- Jack was a classic Pedophile.

After losing his job with the International oil company, Jack continued to live in Beijing.  Somehow, he managed to stay employed as an off-shore drilling specialist, working for various European/Foreign Oil Companies with offices in China. I was shocked to learn that China also utilized Jack's expertise as an oil drilling specialist.

Several of my credible Chinese friends reported what they'd seen and heard about Jack's ongoing activities. It made me angry that Jack had no trouble finding young girls to accompany him on weekend trips, shopping sprees, holiday outings, even overnight visits. It was sickening to learn that Chinese Parents eagerly accepted Jack's gifts of money--- in exchange for Jack's "babysitting" services---for their young daughters.

Pedophiles are experts at knowing how to find the right people in the right countries----who'll gladly take money-- in exchange for sex with a young child. Shortly before leaving China to return to America, I read this very-telling article in one of China’s daily newspapers:

“Two men were caught—in China--paying a large sum of money for a young boy. Their plan was to take him back to their home in Germany.  A neighbor in the child’s remote Chinese village reported the men to authorities. The neighbor was extremely-mad and upset because--- the men wouldn’t pay money for HIS son.”

PS---Sometimes THE TRUTH is more-difficult to accept-- than fantasy or fiction.