Oct. 12, 2017


In 1989, during a Houston press conference, a reporter surprised me with a question no one had ever asked: "Is it possible that after forty years of "dreaming the dream" that's all it was meant to be? Now, aren't you frightened at the thought of attempting such an impossible dream, especially at your age"? 

I assured the reporter that, since the fourth grade, my goal had always been to activate my Great Wall dream; that no, I'd never been just a dreamer of dreams.   I suggested that he research my background, document my accomplishments and successes, before implying that my project--ALL THE WALL--- might be a publicity stunt. As for my age, I'd never lived by the numbers; age never limited my possibilities.

As a teacher of students with special needs, I found I could motivate reluctant learners through music. Not only did I compose songs to encourage learning but I also used songs to teach students to believe in themselves.

We never outgrow our need to believe the best about who we are; to believe we are worthy of pursuing life's limitless possibilities: 

"WHY would you want to be somebody else--not you......  you're so very special!

WHY would you want to be anyone other than you......  you're so unique!

YOU could search the whole world over.....and you'd never find but one-of-a-kind....and that one is you.....let me hear you sing it!

WHY would you want to be just another face in the crowd.....It's fun to be different.

WHY would you want to be silent, when you can be loud....just speak out!

THERE IS so much that needs to be done...and it's waiting for just the right one...just do it!

ONE person can make a difference....one voice above all the rest....

It's easy, so simple.... believe in yourself.......believe in yourself....

Just believe in....... YOU!"


A long time ago, I stopped pleasing others. I stopped hoping and praying for others to believe in me, or even like me. Somewhere along the way, I realized that anything and everything is possible when YOU believe in YOU!

After completing my journey of The Great Wall of China,  a Chinese reporter asked me to make a final, one-sentence comment, about my "love affair" with China's Wall. I didn't hesitate in my response:

"The Great Wall of China fascinated me as a child; challenged me as an adult; and empowered me as a woman."

Sally Miller