Feb. 10, 2018


Who would have believed I would write for nearly three hours then lose everything ?!?!? Today is the thirtieth anniversary of my Father's death. I waited until very early this morning to transfer my written notes to the computer-- to write my feelings-- to share memories of my Father--memories no one knows but me.

I'd written several pages, edited them, and had begun sharing the details of my anger when....the computer screen went black and the computer shut down!!!!! ...In all my years of writing, composing, editing, and rewriting... this never happened. I follow the same pattern each time I write. I edit, change my sentences, re-arrange paragraphs.... and only save my documents when I've finished. I was so careful when writing my book and, in all those days and months of writing...my computer never gave me a problem. 

In all my years of using a computer, whether at work or at home, I never once experience a computer shutdown! I've never lost any of my writing!

When I rebooted my computer, everything I'd written for three hours was gone. Yes, everything was gone after sharing all my thoughts. It's no coincidence that the very moment I began writing about my recent experience with Evil....the computer died.

I'm overwhelmed....actually shaking. I need some time to recover from this experience. I'm not alone.

I know God is with me but....I also know I'm in the presence of Evil. I feel it's power.  I feel its strength as it fights me for control.

Sally Miller