Mar. 16, 2018


7 years ago, when I lost everything, I had only one thought: End the pain. The depression, overwhelming sadness, and total defeat consumed me. I yearned for death.

But my all-knowing God directed me to read my journals--the endless pages I'd written since childhood. I studied how my years of writings could be merged into a book. Never a quitter, I realized I couldn't leave this earth without finishing what I started so I began writing.....again.

The tragic, the good and bad, the funny and occasionally-sad facts.... all the details of my sometimes-heart-breaking story.... needed to be told.

God touched me at my lowest moment. He convinced me I mattered , that I was not a failure. I listened, I leaned on his every word, and I followed his plan.

Each time I began to feel worthless or depressed, I looked in the mirror. I spoke out-loud to the person looking back at me: “ Yes, you matter! You are whole, not many broken pieces, and you are a good person. Your heart is still the same simply placed it with the wrong people!”

Now, I am a published author. Each time I open my book, see my father's picture, and read my dedication to "The World's Best Locomotive Engineer and The World's Greatest Daddy"... I feel complete. I know my father is so-very pleased and proud I've told my story.

Yes, God touched me at my weakest moment and made me strong. I know for certain God has a plan for my life; he alone decides when the journey is over.

As long as God is the Engineer, the Train stays on-track. It is only by God's Grace that we safely reach our destination.

"Oh, How He Loves You...Oh, How He Loves Me.....

Oh, How He Loves You and Me."

Sally Miller