Aug. 11, 2018


"But that was yesterday...and yesterday's gone." Yes, gone---but not forgotten. His name was Andy and, he was probably my first official Boyfriend.

We met at a ballroom dance class and we were soon fun friends. Andy was genuine; Andy had a caring heart; Andy had beautiful manners which--even fifty years ago--made him a rare find.

I loved his family. Andy's father was no stranger to me and my family. Dr. Virgil Payne was the Doctor who lanced my ears every winter and, he was also the Doctor who fitted my brother, Jerry, with his first pair of glasses.

Who can say WHY young couples stay together or WHY they eventually break-up and go their separate ways?

Through the years, with both of us experiencing bad marriages, divorces, separations, unhappiness, and uncertain futures....Andy and I would always search for and find... each other. Sometimes we'd meet for lunch or dinner to gain much-needed strength through our enduring friendship.

We never discussed it but neither of us could deny the bond between us. Looking back, I known it could only be described as: LOVE.

When I learned Andy had died, I cried. No one really knew Andy as I did. And, no one ever truly loved me or accepted all of Andy. I suppose Andy was the only boy who was my friend "first"....then my Boyfriend.

Maybe, someday, I'll understand why Andy and I weren't meant to be an "item"--- for life. Last night, sorting through more old photos, I felt the need to share this happy photo-- from the fifties-- with all who visit my website.

Some memories are worth remembering....