Mar. 25, 2019


Crossing this section of The Wall meant scooting across on my bottom or my tummy. I soon realized I had no choice but "tummy" across some of it and "bottom" across the rest of it. Regardless of how I did it...I must reach the other side to continue my journey. I no-longer had the choice of traveling beside The Wall when I was unable to travel on top of The Wall. The toughest part of this most- dangerous encounter was dragging and balancing all my gear while-- at the same time-- "scooting."

I'm definitely NOT "wonder woman" or some dare-devil who performs unbelievable feats. Only because of my long term obsession with The Great Wall of China...was I able to overcome my fears.

The little girl in me remained the driving force that enabled me to travel both the good and the bad sections of: ALL THE WALL.    Be sure to read my post below...where I share yet another complicated day...on The wall.

Stay Close,