Apr. 13, 2019


When all the good keeps turning to bad…then it’s time to stop being so nice; stop being a push-over. When the writing-on-the-wall suddenly appears on the ceiling and the floor…there are no options but Stand Tall, Accept Fate, and Move Forward.

 Interesting how those you thought would love you forever--would always be ready with a lifeline--- so  quickly turned their backs and…walked away. 

Some days are HELL. Just knowing your all-alone simply means you have to find your own lifeline and….hold-on-tight. You have no choice but stay prepared, stay strong, and never accept the role of “victim”.  It's up to you to be your own “support system” and your own... very-best friend. 

Yes, it hurts to be abandoned by those you loved so dearly but….you must accept what you can't change.   In my case, I never imagined I would face the end of life…alone.  But, looking back, it's clear that I faced most every-day-of-my-life--alone. And now, the time has come to live for the moment…not for the years. 

I must never "give-in" to tears...or sadness...or bemoan the fact... I'm alone.  I know that time, like money, is scarce. Emotions are a luxury I can't afford.

I have no choice but increase my strength training so I can be better-prepared for the days ahead.

In truth.... I can-only face tomorrow.... when I know God is beside me...today.