Jun. 18, 2019

We're never too old to learn.

We're never too old to learn a better way. In this photo, I'm seated beside my Chinese interpreter, Starr Du, discussing our plans for a first-ever International Women's luncheon to be hosted by my Chinese Hotel.

After Starr saw this photo ....which appeared in China's leading newspapers.... she cried. It seemed she was embarrassed because, in her opinion....she believed her legs looked "fat and ugly" .That was the day I realized that my English classes should also include classes in how to train your body to appear more confident and poised.

My Chinese students-both male and female- eagerly participated in our classes on how to walk--how to sit--and tips on posing for photographs.

At any age, what we do with our hands, feet, and legs.... is extremely important. Never under-estimate the possibilities when you are able to project confidence and poise. Whether we realize it or not.... we are selling ourselves everyday----in all aspects of our Lives.