Jun. 24, 2019


It's time to have this handmade gift from one of my Chinese Students--framed so I can see it everyday. It's been hidden-away for too-long in another boring storage box.

Like always, I want an attractive home, a home that is organized, impressive, and picture-perfect BUT...for the first time... I'm creating a show-and-tell home that's uniquely mine. Little by little, I'm creating a home that's personalized; a home that reveals a lifetime of varied interests and treasured moments.

Most of all, I want my home to feel HAPPY. I intend to surround myself with inspiration...a home where I feel loved... and where... at last...I feel like I'm "home."

My "today" home will be much-like a museum. I'll be displaying historic books, photos, documents, unique collections, and one-of-a-kind memories. Everything inside my house will connect to my successes and life-learning failures.

Trust me---my "today" house will never be featured in HOUSE BEAUTIFUL but...it will serve as an expression of ME...the person that few people have ever-really-known.

The house I purchased last year wraps around me like a familiar story and features a lifetime of treasures that are dear-to-my-heart. Like most unfinished and creative projects...my most-recent-work-in-progress will have a Memorable Ending----so help me God.