Oct. 3, 2019



"Fame....if you win it...comes and goes in a minute. Where's the real stuff in life to cling to? "

I'll soon have another birthday.  Some People say that, because of my numbers, I should be wise and all-knowing by now.  But, deep-inside, I'm still just a little girl who's never stopped looking Over The Rainbow and wondering "If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the Rainbow Why---Oh Why--Can't I"?

I've lived my life in step with the music.....every kind of music, including church music, dancing music, singing music, classical music, and memorable music that connects me with good times, sad times, and, wonderful times.

Everything remarkable during my lifetime reminds me of a melody or the lyrics to a song.  Even if ----everything around me is silenced, I'll keep hearing the music playing and singing in my heart... and oh- so-deep-in my soul.

"Oh, Life's not all easy, but the music keeps spinning and won't let the world get me down."

Simply, Sally.