Jan. 22, 2020


The more I mature, the less I allow ugliness from my past to invade my present. Instead, I block-out the ugliness with memorable moments.

 My Great Wall remembrances are never far away—they find me when I’m sitting in traffic, walking by the fast-moving river, or watching smoke-trails from a high-flying jet. The Wall is with me when I smell wetness on mossy rocks, or jog through frost-covered grass. My memories often consume me and, like stepping into cold rain on a scorching hot day, my body shivers with anticipation.

I close my eyes and--in an instant--I’m back in China; back on The Great Wall. Those are the times I can touch the wind, hear the silence, and share aloneness—all under a brilliantly blue,  open-parasol sky—that speaks only Chinese.

I share those moments with tears filling my eyes, running down my face, dripping from my chin....and I don’t bother to stop them. Tears are my evidence.  Tears are my emotional reminders that----Yes, I was really there.

The magic comes from knowing my“Once upon a time” began long ago--- with a nine year old girl--a teacher-- a geography book--and a dream.

Someday---only God knows when--- I’ll reunite with my old friend, The Great Wall of China. This time.... I’ll never leave.


Sally Miller

The First Woman To Travel The Length of THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA, 1990.