Feb. 3, 2020


It’s taken almost two years to unpack a house full of boxes but today….I finished the last box!!! Hurrah!!!!

I moved to Hot Springs Village March 1, 2018. Soon, it will be two years and as I’ve said so many times--nothing about moving is easy. Having moved more than 20 times--I know what I’m talking about! Trust me: Unlike the good-old-days, good help is not only difficult-to-find...it’s nearly impossible to afford! Old-timers like to say: “What doesn’t kill you makes you strong!”

So--I've been doing most-everything alone; by myself. Yes, I’ve learned to do my strong woman number. It's true. I can still “cut the mustard” but I lost interest in “cutting the mustard”… a very long-time ago. I’d much-rather exercise with Cubby, organize my photos and writings, and finish several books. But...strong women-like me-- know we must do...what we must do...to be where we must be.

Thank goodness my daddy taught me to use a hammer, a saw, a screwdriver, and a tape measure. And-- I'm never far from my very-large and well-equipped Tool Box.

I readily-admit that, these days, it takes longer to accomplish my daily to-do list; my pace is half what it once-was but... I've been able to unload more than 500 boxes containing thousands of items (including almost 3 thousand books) that I continue to separate into "Keepers--Givers--and Sellers.” It doesn't matter which item falls into what category. Each item involves my heart.

My boxes were heavy but, overtime, I learned to improve my "lifting ability" without suffering painful results. I'm very happy with what I've accomplished and today--- was CELEBRATION DAY! Today, I opened the last box!

True, I have stacks of books, lamps, and many small treasures located in closets, under the bed and throughout the house but… "I've come a long-way, baby!" NO MORE BOXES!

Looking back, my biggest "challenge" came at the end of every day. Each day I tore-down boxes--both small and large--then loaded them all--including huge amounts of paper, foam, and bubble wrap—in my car. Day after day, I made endless trips to the far-away village dumpsters. Sure……..I would have liked the use of a truck or an SUV but…as my grandmother always said “Poor People Have Poor Ways!”

I smile, just knowing my daddy is watching over me. I know he’s proud of my ability to stay active and “finish the job.”