Feb. 20, 2020


My ongoing anger.

Thanks to America's all-powerful and liberal media...the voice of the American People is seldom heard; our voices were muted long ago. Even more serious----America's elected officials don't give a damn what taxpayers think-- believe--feel--or care-about!!!!

Let's face some FACTS.....By Law, Americans are forced to pay taxes. If we are slightly late with our payments... we are penalized and....if we don't pay at all, we lose everything we own and are quickly thrown in prison .........unless, of course......we are a celebrity like Al Sharpton or a "famous" Politician !

Many Public Figures, even some in Congress,  have a history of tax evasion....and choose to ignore tax laws while "hard-working, law-abiding Americans"...like me... are forced to pay taxes or be punished. Double Standards? You better believe it!!!

Another fact: There is an ongoing arrogance that exists in Congress and all other departments of the government. Congress takes lengthy vacations and long weekends whenever it suits them AND they automatically give themselves cost of living increases, payraises, and endless perks....all paid for by American Taxpayers!

There is no law on the books, FORCING these political jackasses to actually WORK. Imagine having such a perfect "job", being gifted with such a huge monthly salary,  plus free healthcare and huge retirement benefits, and many other perks......for doing nothing!

Best of all....they never have to worry about being fired!

Are American Tax Payers stupid...or what?!?!?!?

Sally Miller