Apr. 25, 2020


Timely..... from my book:

Not all my memories of New York City are suspenseful, frightening, or distasteful.

I recall meeting Donald Trump in 1980 at New York’s Four Seasons restaurant. I was having lunch with my friend and long-ago Pine Bluff neighbor, John Ernst, an Attorney and The President of Advertising to Women, Inc.

John saw his friend entering the restaurant and asked him to join us for lunch. A handsome, well-dressed, and confident gentleman, I was immediately impressed with Donald Trump.

Later, when the meal was over and Donald Trump had said his goodbyes, John mentioned that Donald was a man-on-the-move; someone to watch in the future.

Today, 2016, voting in the Republican primary election for Donald Trump, I remembered John’s prediction. Yes, Donald Trump is definitely someone to watch.


Sally Miller