Jun. 21, 2020



I thought I knew all about myself until the day I applied for a passport.

Fingerprints are a requirement for any passport. It was only when technician after technician kept trying to fingerprint me…all frustrated over the same results….that I learned I didn’t have any fingerprints.

After a series of tests…medical doctors finally diagnosed me with an extremely rare disease called Adermatoglyphia. The disease’s defining symptom: any person affected by the disease doesn’t have fingerprints. The disease doesn’t cause pain or chronic illness, but is definitely, incurable. There are only four known extended families—worldwide--- who are affected by Adermatoglyphia.  And,  there’s me.

When my diagnosis was delivered by a distinguished board of medical doctors in Houston, Texas, they all agreed I was born with the disease. Several fingertips show a few tiny wrinkles but…for the most part….every tip is round and smooth. I’ve had multiple tests, screenings, exams, and been told that not only am I missing fingerprints…..I also lack toe prints.  Without toe prints, my identity can’t be placed in any data bank. Sounds like a great way to be a Bank Robber and never get caught.

Just think: I lived all those years, never knowing I had an extremely-rare disease. I had no idea I was such an oddity!

 Indeed, Ignorance is Bliss.