Sep. 1, 2020


In case you didn't know it--- the Porcelain Hand pictured on my "HOME PAGE" is a party ashtray--from decades ago-- for fashionable ladies to use when they smoked. It fit perfectly in a woman's hand so she could discreetly flick her ashes.... whether sitting or standing or walking around. Of course today it's just a relic from the past. Or is it?!?!?

It would be an elegant soap dish in a formal "powder room"; a half bath for visitors.  It could also be used on a dressing table to hold your most-often-worn rings....or any favorite piece of jewelry.  My pretty and white-- cherished ashtray-- is a conversation piece--- wherever you choose to display it. 

Even the Brown Hand Ashtray pictured on this page has endless possibilities. It would look great on a man's dresser to hold pocket change, his watch and wedding ring or--- in an office, on a desk, to hold business cards.  Dare to use your imagination!

Women today are considered "liberated "and are quick to tell you they can flick their cigarette-- or cigar-- or pipe ashes-- where-the-hell they please.  Unlike "classy" and "fashionable" LADIES from long ago, today's females show me "zero" creativity when it comes to fashion, decorating, or imagination. Prove me wrong....if you wish. 

Sally Miller