Dec. 21, 2020


"The more I mature, the less I allow ugliness from my past to invade my present. Instead, I block-out the ugliness with memorable moments.

My Great Wall remembrances are never far away—they find me when I’m sitting in traffic, walking by the fast-moving river, or watching smoke-trails from a highflying jet. The Wall is with me when I smell wetness on mossy rocks, or jog through frost-covered grass. My memories often consume me and, like stepping into cold rain on a scorching hot day, my body shivers with anticipation.

I close my eyes and--in an instant--I’m back on The Great Wall. Those are the times I can touch the wind, hear the silence, and share aloneness—all under a brilliantly blue- open-parasol sky—that speaks only Chinese.

I share those moments with tears filling my eyes, running down my face, dripping from my chin....and I don’t stop them. Tears are my evidence. Tears are my emotional reminders that… Yes, I was really there.

The magic comes from knowing my—“Once upon a time”—began long ago--- with a nine year old girl--a teacher-- a geography book--and a Dream. Someday, only God knows when, I’ll be back with my old friend, The Great Wall of China. This time, I’ll never leave".