Dec. 23, 2020



“ And when you’re alone you remind yourself---there’s no need for a Christmas Tree-- just for me.

 So…I bought a wreath to put on the door so the neighbors don’t think I’m alone anymore. And, I busied myself with nonsensical chores, to dispel the fear I’m alone-- once-more.

And just when I settled for being alone….I heard the ring of my telephone. It’s my trusty- friend Brenda, checking to see… if I needed anything or anyone… other than me.

Yes, it gets even-better-yet----when the mailman delivers a card from Claudette. She knows all about times getting rough –‘cause she’s a Real Angel who lives in Pine Bluff.  

And soon the Delivery Man knocked on my door to deliver a box… just like before. And once again---quietly-waiting inside---was a beautiful pillow with memories galore. Now, my pillows surround me with love from all three---my Daddy, my Brother, and---of course----Me.

More surprises-- all meant to be--when you are someone alone, just like me. I just-had to cry when a couple from far-down the street…dropped off a plate full of goodies to eat....and...

Climbing in bed at the end of the day, I thanked God for all the many surprises coming my way. And, patting my fur babies all crowded nearby, I know it's LOVE'S POWER that makes Loneliness die!”

Thank You God for the wonderful blessings….delivered by your Angels of Love.

Sally Miller