Jan. 31, 2021


This morning, while checking some my memories from 2016, I re-read a verbal exchange with a newspaper reporter. This was my reply to the reporter's question about finishing the manuscript for my book--THE BEAUTY QUEEN. My brief response is a great reminder to Count My Blessings....every single day.
From 2016:
" Yesterday, a newspaper reporter asked me if my  "fear of the Clintons" would ultimately-prevent me from publishing my book and I replied:
"I am older and wiser and have little to lose at this point in my life. Knowing what I know about the Clintons-- particularly Hillary-- I won't hesitate to Go Public with the truth.
Running away is not an option and moving to another country holds no interest for me. I'm as valuable and important as any Clinton. They are nothing-more than two very-corrupt politicians with big titles and endless amounts of money. Sure... their names open more doors than the name Sally Miller BUT...
Through the years, I've rescued so-many four-legged friends who've loved me completely; I've known the love of countless children and adults with disabilities who loved me because I was "there" for them and made a difference in their lives. I've lived among the poorest of the poor in China where I experienced the love of people who insisted on sharing their food-- even when they were starving. I had the joy of watching a Chinese friend with no legs... stand and walk for the first time--- on prosthetic legs---simply-because one American Oil Company was willing to contribute money to my efforts.
Hillary can't match my life experiences nor can she ever know love as I've known it. Because I have no doubt that God directs my life ---I have no fear.
"Count your blessings, name them one by one, count your blessings see what God has done...."
Sally Miller