Feb. 26, 2021


I began running when I was 27 years old and it turned my life around for the better. Regardless of the early-morning temperatures or outside conditions, when the alarm sounded at 4:45 every morning—I hit the ground,running. Sometimes, one of my daughters jumped on her bicycle to join me. I ran before designer-running shoes; before name brand athletic clothes; before running became a multi- billion dollar business.

Very few people knew I ran in Men’s Jockey Briefs. I had a simple explanation: Unlike women’s nylon panties, Jockey briefs were 100% cotton and absorbed perspiration; Jockey briefs were cut high on the legs and void of elastic—which meant no irritation and complete freedom of movement. Best of all, the brief ’s waistband was wide and fit secure-enough across my tummy and felt  like it was “holding-in” my muscles.

Other than buying cotton bras in Penny’s ladies department, I shopped exclusively in the men’s department for running apparel—shirts, shorts, jockey briefs, athletic socks, and eventually--- running shoes.

Follow-up: Long after my divorce (btw--my ex. wore baggy-boxer shorts) one of my more-serious boyfriends donated a few pairs of his cotton briefs to my daily running routine. Overtime, various men friends bega contributing their briefs and-- before long-- my underwear became somewhat of an “endorsement.”