Mar. 19, 2021


FIVE years ago-- well aware of liberals and their hatred for good people—I posted my thoughts on social media.  Although Trump was newly-elected and had just moved into The White House, DEMOCRATS were already formulating a plan to destroy Trump-- one way or the other! I strongly believe there are times when WAR is the only way to rid the Earth of evil.

“Remember when Donald J. Trump was simply one of many in the Presidential Race? WOW! Look how far he's come in ONE YEAR--yet--President Donald J. Trump continues to face huge boulders, complicated obstacles, and fatal trickery from the nastiest, slimiest, and most destructive monsters in the world-----LIBERALS.  I believe an out and out Civil War against these human snakes would be a worthwhile war of GOOD VERSUS EVIL. 

America has the potential of being a real PARADISE once it has been absolved of ALL EVIL INTENT and ORGANIZED HATE from--- ALL POLITICIANS".


LOVE HIM OR HATE HIM, Trump's political win forced Americans to see the corrupt and nasty Democrats for “who and what” they really are. Best of all, Trump forced the two-faced Republicans to come out of hiding and show their true colors. Trump's candidacy tore-down the Outhouse Door so we could "See and Smell" the vileness inside Congress.

It took Trump stepping forward and shining the spotlight on Career Politicians to reveal their lazy, shallow, and low-life ways!!!! And, it took Trump's Presidential Bid to expose the phony label "Fair and Balanced" ---so smugly flaunted by FOX NEWS.

Yes, Americans!  Like him or not----It took a Donald J. Trump Presidency to sound the TRUMPET!!!!!

“Trump, Trump, HE's my man....If he can't do it....nobody can.”