Mar. 24, 2021


There was a time, not too long ago, when America protected its people. The wars and the violence were far away, always on foreign soil. Now not one day goes by that we don't hear/read of violence in our cities, our local communities, our schools, even on America's Military Bases.....and Real Americans are more and more fearful.

As a very-young child, I listened to radio reports about a Dictator named Hitler---a very- evil Nazi ---who controlled a country called Germany. I recall my grandmother taking me to the “Picture Show” every Saturday afternoon where I saw unedited news reels showing bodies of skeletons--- some alive--- in concentration camps. I saw black and white movies of people-- with small children—robotically-digging in mounds of decaying garbage, searching for food… desperately-trying to avoid death.

And---I can never forget the sight of children being herded into a long-line of box cars…. for a one-way train trip to the ovens.

Those were the days when America seemed like heaven compared to the atrocities of WWII and--- I felt safe. Today I don't miss being a child; I don't wish to be young again.

But, every day, I ask God to restore that part of my childhood… when I felt safe.