Jun. 21, 2021


Today (Monday) I woke up earlier than usual and, unlike most mornings, I felt sad, almost teary. Standing up, I remembered the dream. Nothing is more painful than reminders that-- those you love --don't love you back. I immediately asked God to lift my sadness and direct my love to all who needed it.

I walked to the window and..there..standing tall, magnificently-elegant and patiently-waiting at the "DEER FEEDING STATION" I'd prepared for one or all....was my newest friend. Seconds later...I was outside....excitedly-filling the feeding tray "full" of Deer Corn.

Several months ago, my beautiful visitor was small-- a new, little baby, and he/she was wandering around my back yard... alone. My new friend seemed so young....and so vulnerable. I prayed this sweet baby would stay in the woods....by the creek...and not venture onto the busy street a few blocks away.

Today, I realized my sweet, little baby-- is now a big, beautiful, strong and confident, picture-perfect model of DEER-HOOD. I also realized--with a happy heart--that my "deer" friend is no-longer alone AND--- neither am I.

Yes, we've "adopted" each other for friendship, family and--love. Thank you, God, for taking care of me---my Deer--and all my outside friends/my family---with your all-knowing love.

"All things bright and beautiful---All creatures great and small. All things wise and wonderful---the Lord God made them all".

Please Stay Close.