Aug. 3, 2021


I wrote these thoughts in January, 2016 and…feeling somewhat "thoughtful" today---I decided to share them again.

Once Upon a Time--- Life was elegant. Ladies and Gentlemen wore their nicest outfits in public and, for more "respectful" occasions, like church, added hats and gloves. People demonstrated respect for others by having a nice appearance and a kind word.  In return, others extended the same courtesy.

Homes, regardless of how poor or plain, were always neat. When visitors stopped by, they were offered a glass of tea or a "coke." Almost everyone used silverware, glass, and starched linens---not disposable plastic or paper plates---and no one drank from an aluminum can or a plastic bottle.  We prided ourselves on looking and being the best we could be. Good Manners were mandatory. And, People valued and protected their reputations---above all else.  Words like--thank you--- please --- yes ma'am"--- or --no sir--were everyday niceties that were necessary. There was no canned, impersonal greeting like "Have a nice day" or “Have a good one”.

Watching television was a “family affair”.  Television shows like:  Andy of Mayberry, The Nelsons, Father knows Best, or--The Partridge Family—are nothing but long-ago memories. In Fact, these days, few families—if any-- watch television shows together. Today, Reality Shows dominate the airways with such meaningless viewings as.... the Housewives of L.A., Living with the Kardashians, my 600 Lb. life, or my 83 extreme cosmetic surgeries.

I remember when life was once as programmed as television. Before supper, we watched the national news, local news, followed by the weather forecast and later, after the dishes were done and the kitchen cleaned, everyone sat down to watch a good movie, like Breakfast at Tiffany's or The Sound of Music.

Now--I'm over-the-hill and collecting Social Security.  This generation considers me "just another old woman" and tossed me in the trash pile with All Senior Citizens. I've joined the faceless crowd of over-agers who no-longer have value---based on age.

  Yes...... there's something to be said for old memories, especially memories of the days when life was sweet and simple----when life and traditions were respected….when older items AND older people were valued--loved--and treasured.

Please know---It’s not growing-older or being alone--- that makes me sad. What breaks my heart is simply- knowing that---like the shined silver, ironed pillowcases, and elegant manners---- this generation has no time, appreciation, or interest---in anything classic, meaningful, or old-- Like me.

Simply, Sally