Oct. 2, 2021


Take comfort in knowing----your worst critics are being “eaten alive” with jealousy.

(Excerpt from my book).

One sister-in-law resented me from the day I married into "The Family."  She and her husband criticized everything I did or said. When I began hosting the ABC affiliate’s Morning Show, she made derogatory statements like “All television personalities suffer from huge egos.  Most of them would work "for free" just to stay in the public eye. Such ego-maniacs are pathetic!”  Or “Do you actually consider yourself a “STAR” just because you appear on a small-town television show every day?!?!  The few times I’ve watch your show I’m reminded of Ted Mack’s amateur hour!”  Sarcasm and insults were her specialty; she often used me to sharpen her serpent’s tongue.

My marriage ended in divorce and, nearly a decade later, I had lunch with my former television boss, Rudy Garrett. We talked about many things but mostly about our years-- together-- in television. A friend as well as a former boss, Rudy delighted in sharing one surprising-bit of information--I'd  never heard.

He told me--- soon after I’d resigned my position as KATV’s Women’s Director and Morning Show HOST--- my ex-sister-in-law showed-up at his office-- to apply for my position.