Jun. 8, 2022



"My Mom once told me that she walked into a room where a couple of friends were discussing her--AND they didn’t know she was there. She shook her head, smiled, and walked away.

My Mom also told me that she had a friend who talked bad about her.   She never knew that Mom found out---since Mom never mentioned it. She just kept smiling and walked away from that friendship.

Mom told me she had family who chose to remove her from their life—after she began to stand- up for herself-- and---because she stopped crossing oceans for them when they wouldn’t even help her cross a bridge. She simply smiled, shook her head, and walked away.

So I asked her--- how could she  just “walk away” from people that betrayed her—when she’d always thought they were her Friends and her Family?!?!?

She answered that--- every time she came to a crossroad when others mocked or bad-mouthed her-- she had to decide who would be going with her--- on her journey through life.  Betrayal and Ugliness were strong-indicators that those “Friends/Family couldn’t be trusted to make the journey with her.

My Mom explained:  “You should never get mad at a person who betrays you-- even in the name of Family or Friendship.  Just bow-out, gracefully, and enjoy the rest of your journey with GOD---and the "New People” HE puts in their place."

*Written by a Mother's Son--who loved his Mom enough---to quote her.