Nov. 9, 2022



Feb. 4, 2018




Register Number: 54528-177

Age: 54

Race: White ...

Sex: Male

Located at: Texarkana FCI

Release Date: 02/07/2024


For most of his adult life, my ex-nephew---a stay-at-home dad--- continued the ex-family legacy of demeaning me to others, even on Facebook. Now, he is no longer on Facebook.

I've known Paul Perdue from birth. He is 3 months older than my oldest daughter; they graduated high school together. I babysat him when he was a baby, innocent and cute like all babies but, when children are taught to hate--they grow-up to be haters.

When I moved back to Arkansas nine years ago, I gave him many old photos, newspaper clippings, letters, and other collectibles, admiring his mission to save my hometown's valuable past. From time to time, he contacted me to "fill in the missing pieces" when he couldn't identify a name from the distant past, or a face, or a timeline.

I learned from others that--in the shadows-- he mocked me, dismissed me as a "has been"---someone who didn't "measure up" in his family's eyes or, apparently, the eyes of my own daughters. I read one of the emails he sent Pine Bluff's City Council Members, stating they should never take me seriously--in the event I tried to "force myself" back into Pine Bluff Politics.

None of us is above making mistakes, choosing the wrong path, or losing our direction. I speak from experience.  And, the longer we live, the more we understand the meaning of the word: Consequences.

When a male is arrested for child pornography and labeled a sex-offender, FORGIVENESS-- may not come easy. History has proved that FORGETTING--will be nearly-impossible.


The small snapshot you see above-- includes 3 generations of Perdues---the ex-family. Paul, the youngest, is on the right in the photo, clowning with my ex-husband.  Looking on is Paul's grandfather, Jack Perdue Jr. and Paul's father, David Perdue.