Nov. 16, 2022


A woman who wanted her body to look as youthful and "perky" as possible--- told her plastic surgeon she wanted her vaginal lips reduced in size because--they appeared loose and floppy.

Out of embarrassment-- she insisted the surgery be kept a secret.  In response, the surgeon agreed to keep the delicate operation strictly- confidential.  The surgery went well and the woman awoke from the anesthesia to find 3 roses carefully-placed beside her,  on the pillow.

Outraged, she demanded to speak with her surgeon/ doctor:

"I distinctly-remember asking you-- NOT to tell anyone about my operation!!!!"

The surgeon calmly reassured her he had—indeed-- carried out her wish for complete confidentiality.  Patiently, the doctor explained that the first rose was from him:  "I felt sad because--- you went through this delicate procedure alone--- all by yourself."

Then, the doctor continued, saying: "The second rose is from my nurse.  She assisted me in the surgery and empathized with you since-- she had the same procedure a few years ago---and knew what you were going through."

 Then, as the doctor prepared to leave the woman’s hospital room, the woman spoke-up, saying: “And--what about the third rose?”

"Oh—Yes!” That rose is from a very-grateful man upstairs-- in the Burn Unit. He wanted to thank you--so much--- for his new ears."


Simply, Sally